How do I do so many podcasts? I get that question all the time. How do I stay consistent? How do I set my podcast up for the Long Haul? I'm fresh back from Speaking at DC Podfest, and I did a new version of the presentation called “3 Things Your Podcast Needs That Have Nothing With Microphones, Downloads, Or Hosting” and this is a revamped version of an episode I did years ago (with new information and new insights).

[2:45] How podcasting is like an iceberg, and today we are talking about the part of the iceberg that is under the water, but still important

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Homework: Question of the Month


At the end of the month, I like to feature a podcast with your voice in it. I ask a question, and we all learn together.

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Also, if you have found love via podcasting, I am working on the question of the month for February.

3 Things Your Podcast Needs That Have Nothing With Microphones, Downloads, Or Hosting (2018 Version)


The three things you need are


This is the “I think I can, I think I can.” It does take some time to get your podcast momentum going (your podcast is a bit like a Locomotive – not a race car)

It's not all about downloads, and think about being in front of a room of “only 200” people

[11:55] Why monthly download stats are crap (or at least misleading)

[14:25 ]What podcasters can learn from Oprah

[16:10] How to calculate how many downloads you should be getting


We are going to dig down, work longer, work harder, and go, go, go, and we end up burning ourselves out

[21:05] Robby Tonins the great motivational speaker who loves to push you to sleep when you're dead

[23:00] The suicide rate has risen 30% since 1999 in America. Podcasters/Entrepreneurs may be more prone to become depressed

[25:15] There is no such thing as “multitasking.”

[26:20] Avoid the drive-through

[26:50] Dave's new wife Alexa


[28:30] Relationships can cause Stress

[30:15] Marriage Advice from the Divorced Guy

[31:05] Be sure you know what your partner is thinking instead of guessing

[33:30] How much time do you have a day to devote to your podcast?

[35:15] Generalities of Men and Women

[37:05] The Crazy Cycle

[38:20] How to respond to Zingers

[39:18] Handling Stalemates

[39:50] Date Night on Steroids

Final Thoughts

[41:43] Fast food is Not Fast

[43:05] I love Evernote

[44:05] I love Todoist

[44:30] Do not read your email first thing in the morning

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