In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images and noise, it's easy to forget the power of words. But words are still the most powerful tool we have for communication. They can be used to connect with others, share our stories, and create change.

Podcasting is one of the most intimate forms of communication. It's a way to use words to connect with others in a very personal way. When you hear someone's voice, it feels like they're speaking directly to you. And when you share your own story, you have the opportunity to really connect with your listeners.

I was interviewed and the interviewer changed the question from “What is your favorite Book?” to “What is one of your favorite books.” It puts a whole different level of pressure on the guest. This got me thinking are there any other words that we can substitute to have a larger impact on our audience?

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Mark Achieve More Success Quick by Changing From Whining to Winning

Mark start a new podcast about the new Lord of the Rings show, and instead of explaining how the was costing money, and it took time, and even when the show wasn't putting out more episodes, he had to pay for hosting, etc he changed his strategy.

Mark asked if they received any value, and if they did, would they mind giving any of it back and giving them one link (so it's one call to action).

In his first season, he received around $900. For this old podcast, he also received $900 but it took him between 9-0 years.

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Don't Say This Say That

Instead of asking “What is your favorite ____? ” you can ask a quest, “What is ONE OF YOUR favorite ____? This still allows us to hear their favorites without having to make them pick their absolute favorite

Instead of asking if is someone interested in coming on your show, ask them if they are willing. When it comes to willing vs interested, willing sounds more open.

When the doctor asked, “Are there any other concerns you'd like to address in this visit?” 53% of patients responded affirmatively. Yet when the doctor asked “Are there some other concerns you'd like to address in this visit?” a whopping 90% of patients responded affirmatively.
Why? Patients were primed by how each of the words is used elsewhere. Naming “some” concerns implies you have options. “Any” implies random guesswork (at best) or an exhaustive list (at worst.)  The word “some” evokes a positive response. (source)

Quick Keys to Communication

  • Keep it simple.
  • Is it unexpected?
  • Be specific
  • Say it in a way that makes your listener invokes emotions.
  • Always use stories when possible


Question of the MonthThis month the question is from Matt Rafferty  The Author Inside for You show and he wants to know:

The question is, “What is your Next Podcast going to be about?” Not your next episode, but your next SHOW. We all know it is hard to have just one…

If you're sticking to just one, explain that as well.

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