Today I'm answering the question, “How do you create so much content in such a small time? We also hear about how a Pat Flynn is topping the charts at amazon, and we talk with Jason Van Orden of Internet business Mastery about making money with your podcast.

Podcaster Pat Flynn Tops the Amazon Charts

Pat Flynn is a successful blogger. He has been doing his website, Smart Passive Income, for years. He added a podcast to his website, and great his audience by 20%. Now he has written a book, and because of the relationship he has built with his audience, his book “Let Go” is topping the charts.

Pat Flynn Tops the Charts


Jason Van Orden Talks “Podcasting Why”

[5:00 – Mark]
Internet Business AcademyToday I share a conversation I had with Jason Van Orden in the hallway at the New Media Expo back in January. I was talking to people who are making a living with their Podcast. Jason provides great content about starting an online business, and his audience appreciates the information. They then join his memberhsip site Internet Business Mastery. Jason points out that when you see someone else doing a podcast like yours (or a website) that means there is enough of a market to support that business (not “Oh drat, someone beat me to it).

You need to come up with what you're passionate about. Then you can look into whether there is an audience for your topic. Jason's academy helps people look at their niche (or find one). You can find out more at


Increase Your Podcast Production

[16:00 mark]

I use to podcast anytime I could. My schedule was all over the place. I was podcasting in an instant. In the end, I wasn't that productive. I hadn't thought things through. I wasn't “Winging it,” but I wasn't as prepared as I am now when I podcast. How did I boost my podcast production? I cut back my time. What? I know it sounds weird, but I'm doing more by cutting my time. Let me explain.

1. I plan ahead, what I'm going to be doing.

2. I prioritize my tasks.

3. I organize my thoughts ahead of time using tools like and

I also use to get content, but now I can paste this into asana (where each episode is a task, and each podcast an episode), and stay organized on days I'm not in my office. Then when I am, BOOM I hit the ground running.

Feedback From the Audience

People are still commenting on the “Chit Chat” at the beginning of the podcast episode. We learned that in the case of a hyper local podcast it seems to work, and in some cases your audience may want the chit chat. The bottom line is you might want to ask. From most of the people I've spoken with, everyone seems to think a small amount at the beginning is accepted, but you need to keep it under control

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