I was speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters in Nashville Tennessee and kept hearing a few phrases that make me worried. Phrases like, “I had some friend, or some temp, or some web guy, or even a professional service” set up my podcast. Then in talking with them, I learned that (in many cases) everyone is setup wrong. We’ve all been in a situation where we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t know what should be important. Today, in episode 819, I’m going to tell you.

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The Mechanics of Podcasting

When you pull up Netflix on a device to see what to watch, the menu is not on your device. Your device is reflecting what is on a server owned by Netflix. When you listen to the radio, the music is not in your device, it’s somewhere being streamed. With this in mind, you don’t upload things to Apple, Google, Spotify, and Amazon. They are just mirrors of whatever is in your media host.

When you upload a new episode the apps (in less than 24 hours) update to show your new episode.

Here is a Link to a Video about the mechanics of podcasting and how your host and Apple work together

Keep Your Access to Additional Stats

Here are the things you didn’t know. When you submit your show to Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher, those platforms have additional stats. These are powerful stats that allow you to see how far people have listened. If you let someone do this “for you” you lose access to those stats.

Keep Control of Your Show

Number two. If you allow someone to set up your podcast and they enter their credit card information they own your show in most cases.

When choosing a podcast media host, I recommend Libsyn which is short for Liberated Syndication, make sure whoever you choose that they offer what is known as a 301 redirect. This is (more or less) a digital change of address form that means if you decide to leave that host you can take your audience with you.

How to Setup Your Podcast so YOU have control.

Have your Consultant walk you through ordering your hosting, and submitting your show to directories. If you later want them to get data from these places, most media hosts provide a way to add a person to your account, and there are tools like LastPass where you can share a login and password without actually sharing your login and password. The person you share with never sees the information.

This way your podcast hosting is connecting to YOUR credit card. Your access to additional stats is connecting to your Stitcher, Spotify, and Apple accounts. This also goes for websites and anything else connected to your podcast.

With Blubrry, you can set up a user in WordPress with restricted access. Simplecast makes it easy. Castos makes it easy to add a non-admin person. Captivate has a very robust system for adding additional team members. Libsyn has multi-level user support for the LibsynPro service. You need to contact support if you are under their typical hosting plan.

The bottom line is you don’t want anyone between you and your podcast and you and your audience.

I always say to have that awkward conversation with your co-host and make sure everyone knows who owns the show, who owns the content, what happens if there is an issue, and have everyone sign it, etc. This way if someone goes left of center when you take them to court, you have proof who owns the show.

One last thing, always keep a copy of your files somewhere (dropbox). This way, in a worst-case scenario you have the content.

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