There is more than one way to record a phone call without expensive equipment or a skype out account. Today I explain that if your cell phone has a headphone (ear buds) jack. You can purchase a cord that goes from 1/8″ jack to 1/4″ jack and plug it into your mixer. This also gives you the ability to add some bass, treble, and adjust the volume control of the person.

So how can you record a phone call for your podcast? Well if you have a phone with a headphone/headset jacks (and most phones do today, even if its not an iphone or a droid, etc). In this case I purchased a 1/8″ stereo y Cable to RCA (which in theory could go into the TAPE IN jack of the mixer). But I purchased a RCA to 1/4″ adapter so I can plug in into the mixer so I can adjust the tone, pan, etc  in addition to the volume.

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1 comment on “Recording A Phone Call With No Budget
  1. Daniel Johnson, Jr. says:

    Sometime in the future, I’m going to get some good equipment. This sounds like a neat way to improve the quality of a phone call.

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