Recording Tips From a Sound Engineer


We interview Bruce Williams from The “Sine Language” and “Building the Pod” podcasts (just to name a few) takes to talk about recording techniques and his new Mastering Service for podcasters

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2 thoughts on “Recording Tips From a Sound Engineer”

  1. Hi Dave —

    Great stuff —

    Your energy/tone of voice is different than I’m used to — is this an older posting?

    BTW, I noticed that these posts don’t have a date — wondering if you would consider adding a month/year to future posts (to know how current the info is) — ok, thanks very much — you are great.

  2. If you look at the file name, the date is in the file. With 470 episodes under my belt, you will definitely find a different tone the deeper you did. Im going to be rebuilding the front of the website soon. I’ll look into adding a date.

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