The Rodecaster Pro II is the new device from Rode. Today I compare it to the Rodecaster Pro I along with some other devices. This device is $700 and (IMHO) not for someone who is just doing some casual interviews via zoom. Feel free to follow/subscribe, and check out any of the other 833 episodes I have.

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Things I Like About the Rodcaster II

  • It is an interface, recorder, headphone amplifier, and jingle palet all on one
  • They make updating the firmware (and there WILL BE UPDATEs) INSANELY Easy.
  • Super QUiet Preamps
  • Automatic Monitor Muting
  • Smartpads now play sounds, control midi devices, and add effects
  • Only record the channels you need (FINALLY!)
  • No More Polywave
  • Ability to put the unit on a stand and get it off your desk
  • USB C Electric input which makes it easy to run on batteries.
  • Flexible input assignments and color coding
  • In addition to Aphex processing, new 3-band EQ


  • Multiple outputs are confusing and seem to change without me doing anything. I need the ability to turn on and off mix-minus. This is available on USB2, but if I am using (only) that option when I fire up the software on my computer, it won't connect to the unit because I'm not on USB 1. If I want to tie this into my DAW, tracks 1 and 2 are the stereo mix. This means my first slider is #3.
  • The fader features fades out for X amount of seconds and keeps everything faded out. After the X amount of time, it should unfade everything. This is an easy one to trip over.
  • Set the Lights Brightness level sounds great, but I couldn't tell a channel was muted because the lights were so dim. This is (again) operator error, but frustrating.
  • Loss of count down number is replaced with a pie chart. Those with older eyesight prefer large numbers.
  • I am required to take the cover off to turn the unit off. I use to be able to press the on off button twice and leave the cover on.
  • Loss way to have a CONNECTED phone call. ON the ROdecaster 1, I could plug in a TRRS cable and the phone did everything like usual. Now if I want to make a phone call, I HAVE to use Bluetooth. When I plugged in the SC19 cable, the Rodecaster rebooted and the sound out of my phone was unusable. I was somewhat bummed after spending $30 on a cable, that I can't use it to make phone calls on my podcast without using Bluetooth. I need to remember to turn off Bluetooth on the unit as my phone keeps connecting to it.

Comparing it to Some of the Competition

Zoom Podtrak P4

I refer to The Zoom Podtrak P4 as the swiss army of podcasting. It does everything. It is an interface and a recorder, headphone amp, and jingle player, and it comes in at $200ish. Yes the preamps won't be as steller, but as you heard today the hiss is minimal in some cases.

Focusrite Vocaster

This Vocaster series is NOT a recorder, but setting it up and recording into software is super easy. You can send the main outs to a recorder, connect via blue tooth or WIRED TRRS cable. The “2” has blue tooth and output to go to your camera. This one wins the “I need something easy” conversation.

Rodecaster Pro II

For me, the Rodecaster Pro II is for live streamers who want that audio processing to go out on the video as they record it (no post-production). They want to play sounds/music and have flexible configurations.

Final Thoughts

While the Rodecaster Pro II currently drives me a little nuts, I'm not worried. Rod has done a great job communicating with their users and has already made videos on future updates (to calm any fears). So while this current unit has me scratching my head, Rode has demonstrated they listen (the stand attachment on the back of the unit screams “We heard you want your desk back”).

Rode has done a great job of already issuing some firmware updates, and have completely transparent with videos on YouTube. So while there are some things that get under my skin, I'm confident Rode will iron out these wrinkles.

Don't Buy This If

  • Nobody is telling you your podcast sounds bad
  • You think this will solve plosives (it won't that is mic technique)
  • “I don't know, it sounds cool” (unless you have $700 in your couch cushion).
  • You think this will help you grow your audience (again unless you have REALLY bad audio, it's the CONTENT that helps grow the audience).

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