Podcast promotion boils down to a simple process. Find out who your target audience is, find out where they are, go there and tell them about our podcast. Today we talk with Kevin from yesmusicpodcast.com and you will hear how after TWO episodes he has grabbed the attention of YES fans everywhere.

New Zoom H2n

We also talk about the new H2n portable recorder. They've got some new great features over the old H2, but now the accessories are not free. I talk about this on my Blog. If you need podcast equipment. Please contact me, and let me know what equipment you need (or if you need me to help guide you). I am now a reseller of podcast equipment.

Podbean is in Canada

I got an email from someone at Podbean. They are in Canada, but still won't come on for an interview. Very strange. Don't you think?

Kevin from from the Yes Music Podcast

Kevin is on episode two and his podcast has caught the ears of people who love the band Yes. His podcast has even been mentioned on the official Yes facebook page. He grew his audience by going to the Yes twitter page and following the people who were following yes. What a great strategy. Kevin broke format on episode two by listing everyone who had helped him spread the news of the podcast. What a great way to make the listeners feel apprecaited. Keep up the good work Kevin. Check him out at www.yesmusicpodcast.com

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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