So many people fear they will sound stupid or unprofessional but this is not something you need to worry about as even a show that is recorded live can be edited before being sent to your audience. Today I share some examples of the theories I used to edit my show

Because of My Podcast: I'm Up For A Webby Award


Emily Prokop from The Story Behind podcast has been on the show before as she got a book deal “Because of her podcast” and how she has been nominated for a Webby award. PLEASE VOTE HERE

Editing Your Podcast Will Make it Better


Mount Rushmore was once a mountain built of rock. Then someone editing it, and it is now a national memorial. There are movie editors, newspaper editors, book editors, etc. For me, I believe every podcast can benefit from editing. Today I share some examples and theories behind my editing decisions.

Everything About Editing is An Opinion

Some people do no editing, and some people will “over edit.” Today I talk about my philosophies which are:

Always remove low hanging fruit (and Um, or crutch word that isn't near any other words)

ALWAYS Listen through the ears of your audience and ask if whatever you are listening to delivers value.

Be careful about the curse of knowledge as it can leave your audience in the dark

Most of my editing is me shaping my rambling questions into something a bit more focused

In some cases, if a point is made late in the episode, you don't need it twice.

If I have to zoom in to a very, very, very magnified level to edit the audio ( I call this “busting out a scalpel) I let it go.

The goal of an interview is to make your guest sound good.

In some cases, a backstory is given that is not needed.

A pregnant pause can add additional emphasis to the communication

Nobody wants to know how the sausage was made

Editing Your Podcast Intro To Give You Clarity and Authority


Morgan Cole is a client of mine who does the Brightline Podcast. He gave me permission to let you listen to a call we did where we shaped his intro. You will hear where we shaved off quite of his into while still explaining what the show is about and who Morgan is (and why you should listen)

Check out his show at

Are you duplicating any content?

Is your purpose and description clear (and jargon-free)

You don't have to cram all of your details in the intro.

Run Everything Through Your Target Audience


My church wanted to have a slogan “where the word is important.” I explain how I felt this didn't connect.

How Long Does it Take to Edit an Hour Long Episode?


I asked the Podcast Editors Club how long it would take to “De-Um” hour-long episodes. While it obviously depends based on how much a person um, says, um, and ya know, um, is an um machine. The quickest ranged from 90 minutes to three or four hours.

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1 comment on “Saying More With Less – The Power of Editing Your Podcast
  1. Lee says:

    Great episode! I am amazed at some of the podcasts I listen to who don’t edit at all and the amount of stuff they could have easily removed to make it sound better. Minimal effort in editing can make a difference. The examples you gave were spot on. I personally need all the help I can get to sound “smarter,” why not help your listeners by taking the time to edit some basic things out of your episode. Thanks Dave!

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