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On June 21st member of the School of Podcasting got to together to talk about the following

Idea Matrix

Mix minus

Starting a new podcast (same site or not) 00:20:00 ish

How to Add an iTunes link 58:00 ish..

Take your link to itunes and change http:// to itms:// and it will attempt to go straight to itunes.

How to learn a plugin (go to the developer's site, try youtube).

Social Media Widgets Plugin 01:18:00

Co-hosts 01:22:00

Building your email list 01:33:00

Growing your audience 01:40:00 using lead pages

Chris Ducker 01:47:00 Virtual Assistants

Getting Sponsors who match your audience 01:56:00

Please note: I'm using soundcloud here because of their “private” option. I do NOT recommend them as your “main” media host.


SOP Idea Matrix (pdf)


Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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