Today on episode 406 we get a great because of my podcast story, we debunk the “8 week myth” in iTunes (thanks to Rob Walch from, we hear about a new WordPress feature that might be good for podcasters, we hear how podcasting boosts SEO, and boosts leads. If you're thinking of starting a podcast, check out our next live class starts 5/3


Quick start Vs Planning Your Podcast Class – 1.26

The quick start program is where all you have is an idea, but you're ready to get into podcast. I send you an affiliate link and your order your web hosting through me. To say “Thank you” I give you a 30 day pass to the School of Podcasting (with access to all of the videos). I also will install WordPress for you, and all the plugins you need to start podcasting (you will need to supply graphics and content). The planning your podcast class starting 5/3/2014 is a LIVE class (via webinar) where you can ask me live questions as I go through all the things you need to consider before launching a podcast. For more information about the Plannign Your Podcast webinar go to

Remove Noise From your Podcast – 6:02

I let you hear how you can remove unwanted noise from your audio. This is available both in Audacity and Adobe Audition.

Because of my podcast my leads are doubling 8:00

Chiropratic Lawyer Spotlight – 9:10

Today we spotlight Guy Dimartino and the Chiropractic Lawyer podcast check it out in iTunes, or on his website.

Podcasting Boost SEO – 11:00

According to CBS most people stay on their site for 33 seconds. I went in and looked at my stats on my saw where I had people (11%) staying over an hour in some cases. There is a mass amount of people who DO stay for 2-5 minutes. That is still much longer than 33 seconds. When people stay on yoru site longer Google figures that your content is good and then boosts your ratings in Google searches.

WordPress 3.9 Playlists – 15:30

The new version of WordPress allows you to create playlists. This is great for podcasters who want to have a “start here” section. You can upload a few audio files and put them on a page and insert them as a playlist. The “cool” thing is it works on a phone, and the files are NOT downloadable – which means they have to sit and listen – keeping you on your site longer.

Be sure to put subcsribe buttons, and newsletter sign ups under the playlist

Should I Produce Version of This show is Segments

Podcasting's 101 Jason Parsons – 20:00

Jason is working two jobs and has five children and still has time to podcast. Today he shares his insights into working with co-hosts, have a podcast implode, learning from your mistakes, and following your passion.

Jason was blessed to have a job where he could do podcast editing while he worked.

He not only gets “big names” for guests, but also people he feels would deliver great content.

He has a number of audience members help him deliver his show.

Jason's Last 5 in 5

Smodcast by Kevin Smith

Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave!


Welcome to Nightvale

School of Podcasting

Find Jason at and his Podcasting 101 in iTunes

Busting iTunes Myths!

Rob Walch the VP of Podcasting Relations at stated in the last episode of The Feed Rob debunks the “You have 8 weeks to get into New and Noteworthy” in iTunes myth.

Another one is “You need at least three episodes to be featured in iTunes” (not true – my Client Dr. Nina of Win the Diet War did it with one episode).

One podcast in New and Noteworthy was from 2008, and another one was from 2 years ago. If someone tells you different (typically charging you a lot of money) they are WRONG.

Check out the feed in iTunes and check out their blog

If you want a free month of Podcast Media Hosting use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month at

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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3 comments on “SEO Benefits of Podcasting – Podcasting 101 Jason Parsons – iTunes Myths DEBUNKED
  1. My own Once Upon a Time podcast has been in New & Noteworthy twice—the second time was just recently when the TV show returned.

  2. Dave:

    Thanks for the shout out. I can’t tell you how appreciative that I am of your course. You were very responsive with my troubles, especially the multiple emails with my bad rss feed. It’s funny because I had a lot of commitments for interviews before I decided on the podcast but they have not come to fruition and I’m not going to beg folks. So, it looks like I’m going to let the podcast fade. I have prepared a new podcast. I have 10 episodes in the can and will not release the podcast until I have 20 episodes done.

    Thanks for all you do and I recommend Dave’s programs for anyone who wants to start their podcast without making a ton of mistakes.

  3. Guy,
    Thanks so much. Keep up the good work.

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