Setting Up Your Show for Value for Value – Using Alby

Some call it value for value, others call it Podcasting 2.0, and others call it “That bitcoin thing…” The bottom line is there is a way you can set up your show to receive bitcoin (a small portion called a satoshi, much like a penny is a small amount of a dollar).

Setting Your Show Up For Podcasting 2.0

Step 1. Identify The Email In Your Feed

Go into your media host, and see what email is associated with your feed. This is typically under “settings,” podcast settings, etc. You can ask your media host if you're not sure.

Step 2. Verify You Are the Owner of the Podcast

When you click on the lightning bolt it sends a verification email to the email listed in your feed.

Step 3. Setup an Alby Account

Go to it is simple, and it's free.

Step 4. Copy and Paste

Copy the customer value from Albyn and past it into podcastindex/podcaster wallet

Select the customer key from the drop-down.

You are now setup to receive bitcoin.

Step 5. Tell Your Audience

If your audience is not aware of this they won't send you boosts, or potentially switch to an app at

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