I see people who want MORE downloads, and yet they have not listed their show on all the different directories. Why is that? Is this some type of strategy?

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Bryan – The Relaxed Male

Ronnie Dancing is Forbidden am Aqua Teen Hunger Force Exploration

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Mark The history of North America 

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Steve Whiskey Chasers Pod

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Question of the Month

This month's question is “What should I ask for the question of the month?”  Be sure to mention your name, the podcasts' name, and your website. Should I choose to use your question I will mention your show and website when I bring up the question. I may not use all the questions.

Podcast Directories To List Your Podcast

The Top Four Podcast Directories

Apple Podcasts – When you add your show to Apple it is added to other directories automatically (making it the top place to list your show).

Spotify – Currently the 2nd most popular (and in some countries the top) podcast directories.

Google Podcast – Being listed here also puts your show in Google Home, Google Assistant, and for those who want to listen on the web, Google makes it easy.

Amazon Music / Audible – Listing your show here gets your in front of Audible and Amazon's audience while making it very easy to say “Alexa play (the name of your podcast).

Other Podcasts You Should List Your Show In

It only takes a few minutes to list your show in these places, and it's free. In other words, why wouldn't you list your show here?

Acast – I believe this has been shut down

Audacy (previously radio.com owned by CBS)

Blubrry – While Blubrry is a media host, they also have a podcast directory.

Bullhorn – Bulhorn thinks outside the box and allows people to listen to your podcast via a phone number.

Castbox – Castbox will add your show when you add your show to Apple.

Deezer – A popular app in Europe

Digital Podcast – It takes two seconds, so why not?

Fydd – Fydd is an independent podcast search engine, based in Germany.

Gaana – A popular directory in India. (Check to see if your media host has a link to this most do).

iHeart Radio – Any iHeart Station Promotes This ALL THE TIME

iVoox – The Top Spanish Speaking Directory

JioSaavn – A large directory in India and Asia

Pandora – A popular music service in the USA.

Pocketcasts – A Popular App

Samsung Podcasts – The service is only available in the US and restricted to selected Samsung phones. However, think of all the Samsung phone commercials you see on TV.

Stitcher – Stitcher is a Top Ten App.

TuneIn – A directory that has been around for years.

Check to see if your media host can submit your show to boomplay a large audio app in Africa.





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