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Alex Baldwin to start new talk show on tv and is podfading his “Here's the Thing” podcast. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Sources say Baldwin was keen to continue the program; the issue was securing the funding.” I find it weird that a millionaire actor doesn't have the funding for continuing a podcast.

Stitcher (a great way to listen to podcasts on your smart phone, tablet, or computer) announced that they are now available in the Mazda 3. According to their blog,  “Over 40% of Stitcher listeners use Stitcher in the car, so we’re proud to partner with Mazda to deliver the best listening experience for drivers everywhere!” Stitcher is now integrated in more than 50 automotive models and 4 million vehicles, like Ford, GM, Mini, BMW, and other Mazda vehicles, allowing drivers to access their content on-the-go. “Over 40% of Stitcher users are listening in the car, and the average American commute is one hour each day and rising,” says Stitcher Co-Founder and CEO Noah Shanok. You can download Stitcher for a chance to win $100.

Dave Jackson Interview on Speaking of Wealth Show [9:00]

I was interviewed on the Speaking of Wealth show talking about podcast monetization, and the future of podcasting. In this clip we talk about where podcasting will be in five years.

Sound Byte Vs Boss Jock Studio [16:50]

Sound Byte – is a tool that you can use to mix in audio while you record “live.” Sound Byte allows you to put a TON of sounds. I was using the version for the iPhone, but they have it for a PC, Mac, tablets, etc. You can set fade in/out options, play speed options and you can have multiple carts (great for people who have multiple shows). It sells for $4.99 for the iOs version.

bossjock studio is $9.99 and you can not only use it as a cart machine, but you can record your podcast, upload it to libsyn, all while only using your phone (you can plug in external microphones for better quality). You can see a demo of it here. It has a maximum of 15 buttons.

The one that makes Boss Jock Studio a “hands down winner” is the ability to add sounds from dropbox. With Sound Byte I have to plug my phone/iPad into the machine and connect via iTunes. Then drag and drop files. I cut the cord to itunes years ago and anything that forces me to use itunes is not going to work for me. In a world of wireless connections, the people at Black Cat Systems (maker of Sound Byte ) need to wake up and smell the coffee.

While it's more expensive, I feel with the ease of adding and deleting sounds Boss Jock Studio is the clear winner of this podcasting battle.

Podcast Awards Nominations Open October 1[21:16]

You could list my podcast in the following categories:

Technology – The School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements

Health and Fitness – Logical Weight Loss

Religion – Feeding My Faith

You can only nominate once, so cast your ballot with some thought at podcastawards.com

Last Five in Five [22:43)

What were the last five podcasts you listened to?

New Media Show

Zig Ziglar's Inspiring Words of Encouragement

Thinking Out Loud with Paul Colligan

Essential NLP

200 Churches

Blog Talk Radio vs Call In Studio Shoot Out [26:02]

While Blog Talk Radio's interface is better looking, a podcaster using once a week would pay $10 a show. Using Call In Studio for 30 minutes with two callers cost me $1.60. I'l put up with boring text links to save $25 a month.

Podcast Advertising

Podtrac has been a trusted advertising partner for some of the most popular online shows and largest advertising brands since 2005.

Podtrac's ad formats consist of two ad placements per episode for each advertiser.

  • Ad position and length: Typically, a first 15 second ad runs within the first 90 seconds of the episode, and a second longer ad runs within the first half of the episode. Publishers place the ads in each episode per an advertising schedule Podtrac provides.
  • Advertisers per episode: For episodes 10 minutes or less, there is typically a maximum of one advertiser per episode. For shows between 11 and 45 minutes, typically there are two advertisers maximum, and for shows 46 minutes or longer, a maximum of three advertisers per episode.
  • As a rule, longer shows are usually more popular, have better ad response, and are more profitable than shorter shows, so keep this in mind if you're interested in developing an advertising revenue stream for your show.

If you are not yet using the Podtrac Measurement system for your show or the Podtrac Survey, please do so. For shows with Podtrac verified audience counts of 20,000 or more per month, Podtrac can provide advertising representation and integrated advertising services. Most advertisers are less interested in shows smaller than this, so if your show has not yet achieved this count, keep working to increase its reach. Then once you achieve a larger audience, advertisers will be more interested.

Every month, Podtrac reviews registered shows for advertiser interest. Podtrac reviews shows which have achieved a minimum of:

  • Podtrac measurement data of 20,000 or more unique downloads per month, and
  • Podtrac Survey data of 100 completes.

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2 comments on “Podcast Tools Shootout – Stitcher Continues to Grow
  1. Dan Franks says:

    The Sound Byte vs Boss Jock segment really gave me a light bulb moment! Sometimes it takes something like this to open your eyes to something right in front of you!

    Also enjoy the added content to the post about advertising. Always appreciate added bonuses for visiting the show notes 🙂


  2. Bill says:

    Good comparison of Sound Boards… I use Sound Byte on a Windows Laptop that I run through my mixer as a secondary soundboard source… I use the laptop for Skype, playing youtube, and use the SoundByte software to play phone calls or special audio clips as I can drag and drop them.

    My main soundboard is “Soundboard” on my iPad. I like the featureset, the button size, and the featureset. The sound clips can be loaded from your iTunes library, so I keep this for the regularly used sounds – transition sweeps, applause sounds, burps (yes, it is that kind of show…), etc.

    Boss Jock sounds cool – I’ll have to play around with it and see if I can use that too… 🙂

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