Today I answer the question, “What is the bear bones must haves for podcasting?” To this we can see where many of us do NOT start a podcast because we over analyze the equipment. Consequently, today I put on a $20 headset so you can decide do I really need to spend $99 on a microphone? Do you? Not really. You can start with a headset, and upgrade later. Does this blow your first impression? Sort of, but it gets you into the podcasting tool. Thanks to Suzie from for the question.

Paul Clifford was a member of the School of Podcasting back in 2008. Now he has taken his experience and put them into a book called Podcasting Church: 21st Century Web Casting for a Timeless message

Also in the episode I play my very first podcast episode to show we all have to start somewhere. If you want to see my recommendations for podcast equipment go to


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