Steven Crowder Shares a Lesson in Joining Networks, and how FLAMING OUT at the Daily Wire is NOT a Good Negotiation Strategy

I have no clue who Steven Crowder is. This is my first impression. From what I understand, he is THE #1 Conservative voice on YOUTUBE. He has 5.9 million viewers on Youtube. Over the years he's worked at different networks and once again finds himself a free agent. He got an offer from the Daily Wire. This is a prime example of what I talk about all the time. We need to LISTEN more. There appears to be a lack of dialogue here. Both videos go over proposed contract items. I've fast-forwarded to the “good parts” in both videos.

WARNING: This deals with extremely conservative content. If that, or the thought, or the presence of such content affects you negatively, I urge you not to press play.

Steven Crowder: It's time to stop.

Daily Wire Responds: Out Offer to Steven Crowder

In the second video, someone I'm assuming is the head of the Daily Wire goes line by line with the document.

When I watched both videos, it just seems like a general lack of communication happened that could have benefited from both sides listening a bit more.

For me (IMHO), as much as Steve hates to humble brag, I get the feeling under their surface, there is a seriously larger-than-usual ego that expected an unrealistic contact.

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