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When we first heard about the lawsuits coming against some of the “bigger” podcasters I said, “There isn't much we can do yet.” Well the lawsuits are now turning into letters asking people to buy a license to use this patent. Most of us call that extortion. The good news is we CAN take action, and make the life of people who start these lawsuits very uncomfortable. How? Because there is a new law that we want to get passed that would have the Troll paying the legal fees for any case they lose. COOL!

Here is what you need to do. Go to and enter your zip code it will show who your representatives are. Be sure to send them a letter (which you can do with one click) and more importantly CALL THEM. All you have to say is, “I'm calling you today to urge you to support the  (SHIELD) Act — H.R. 845. ”

 Podcasting Saved Their Marriage – A New Kind of Podcast Success

Today we talk with Trinity and Dave from the Fort Wayne Speaks podcast. Listen how Dave had hit a low point in his life, and Dave and Trinity were going in different directions with their marriage hanging in the balance. Trinity suggest Dave start a podcast, and the good news is this brought the couple together. They have gone on to spotlight their town, and now are recognized in town. They have companies coming to them to be spotlighted in their podcast. How did they do it? They set a deadline, learned what they could about podcasting, and let the podcast go.

Last 5 in 5

Dave and Trinity shared what the last five podcasts that they listened to. These included:

School of Podcasting

Podcast Answer Man

Vickie St Clair

Art of Podcasting

Dog Radio Show

Impact 52

Get More Guests – Get Interviewed Podcasting Resources

Today I have two podcasting resources that you can use to find guests for your show, or that you might be able to “be the expert.” These are:

Help a Reporter Out

These list journalists looking for sources for stories, and radio shows looking for guests.

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Daily Podcast Tips

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