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Great Content To Consume

Capturing the ears and hearts of hundreds of thousands of monthly podcast listeners doesn't happen overnight. But once you know Danny Peña's story, you'll understand it was inevitable. Sunday, 2/25 is going to be an important day for the Gamertag Team. Gamertag Radio turns 13 years old AND Twitch is going to feature my first film on the front page for the world premiere. The first event of its kind on Twitch's front page. Watch it live and help them make history.

If you listened to the podcast Startup, the first season was all About Alex Blumberg and quest to start a podcast company. That has now been made into a TV show on ABC called, “Alex Inc.  It stars Zach Braff who you might know from the scrubs TV show. He is also the executive producer. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28th at 8:30|7:30c on ABC! Set your DVRs as hopefully, this will get more people asking, “What is this thing called podcasting?”

Podcasting Is Grooming People For the Big Time

In a recent article on mediapost, it stated that “Oxygen sourced Missing Maura Murray, the true crime podcast, for a six-episode television series, which featured the podcast’s hosts. In Britain, No Such Thing As A Fish, a fun talk-show podcast, was made into a BBC Television show. Lore, the podcast that explores frightening history folklore, became an Amazon original series, and Gimlet media’s Homecoming is also being developed into an Amazon TV show for Amazon.
This trend isn’t just exclusive to television, says the report. Blink Publishing in the UK turned Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder podcast into a book. Los Angeles talent management agencies are getting involved in podcasting, and are helping podcasters break into TV and publishing, says the report.” I've already reported on Emily Prokop wh does the story behind podcast getting a book deal.

Sponsor: Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement is the world's largest gathering of new and veteran podcasters, or anyone looking to start their own podcast the right way

– Join over 2,000 podcasters from around the world in Philadelphia this July 23 through 26 for three days of workshops, panels, parties and more

– The conference offers over 100 sessions on topics ranging from the technical aspects of setting up your equipment and the audio production to marketing and monetizing your current or future show.

– The expo hall features over 60 podcast service and equipment providers, so whether you're in the market for a microphone, or trying to figure out where to host your podcast, anyone who matters will be on site to help you out

It's July 23 – 26th in Philadelphia PA.

Use the code SOP when you sign up at and get $50 off any level of registration

Quick Lesson on Apple Earbuds

I had an Audio Technica ATR 2100 plugged into a Zoom H1 using a special cable and it sounded fine. To make a long story short, I ran it through which always seems to fix everything, but it still sounded bad. The issue? I was plugging my Apple earbuds into the laptop and Apple earbuds should not cause an issue, but either the laptop didn't like the earbuds or vice versa, but in my ears the audio was unreleasable. It turns out it was fine. The bottom line is you need to use the right tool for the job and monitor through a “regular” set of headphones. – Recording Great Sounding Interviews

This is a tool that records you and your guest (up to three people total) and gives you a recording of each person that you can then stitch together in your software (which makes it easy to mute the dog barking on one track). It's $20/month for unlimited recording (it's BETA – brand new so use at your own risk).

The interface is super simple, and it records in WAV Format (Sample rage 48 khz 32 bt).

When someone joins your call they are prompted to pick their microphone to connect the service to the microphone they have plugged in, and then connect the system to their headphones. It's super simple.

They have a calendar that you can choose to pick a time (although I was bummed I couldn't manually pick a time like 10:45, I only had 10:00 or 10:30). At first, I had a hard time to getting back into a previous session, but when you first login it prompts you to start a new session, and you can choose to go back to an older session from that screen (and then get access to the previous session)

Squadcast can dominate this area by doing one very simple thing: JUST WORK. Tools like and have had some issues over time. Podcasters are not very forgiving, so all you have to do is make a system that we count on and it just works.

This system is in beta, so you might need an extra amount of patience. I had zero problems with the small amount time I spent testing it.

Check it out at

Special Thanks to My Podcast Buddies

David Hooper from and the new Podcast event in April in Nashville

John is from Audio Editing Solutions

How Much Should I Share About My Personal Life?

I got an email from a listener who recently had a spouse die. He needs to take care of his child who has special needs. He can't go back to his old job working 50 hours a week.

How do I turn it into a business so I can take care of my child?

When it comes to making money with a podcast you

  1. Sell your stuff
  2. Sell other people's stuff (affiliates)
  3. Donations
  4. Crowdfunding (Patreon)
  5. Sponsors

The bad news is to build an audience that can truly support a full time takes years (typically, your mileage may very).

“If I mention this on the show I'm afraid people will feel I am cashing in on my tragedy…” Your audience wants to help you as there is no spam in podcasting, and they know you and will know you are NOT trying to capitalize on your situation (there may be someone who feels you are, ignore that person, they know you, and probably have a negative disposition).

Using Personal Stories

I like to use personal stories to make a point. It allows my audience to get to know me while making a point to help educate them on a point.

It's Your Podcast – Not Your Family's

A person I met at Podfest is starting a show about sex. I told her she better check with her husband as if she talks about her own sex life, she is (I'm assuming) talking about her husband as well. Be careful with what you share as the Internet writes in ink. I've pulled some episodes in the past, but someone has those episodes.

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