From time to time I see people in Facebook groups announcing “Hey I got my first 1000 download episode!” or “I just got (insane amount of money)” for my podcast. When you are just starting out, or even if you've been podcasting for a while if you're just looking at downloads or dollars, the inspiration to keep going can be hard to come by. Today we are going to examine the other ways your podcast is a success.

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Other Ways To Count Podcast Success

If your goal was to find like-minded people (cause your spouse said they would not participate in any more conversations around Batman) and you've found some people online to have the conversations you've been longing to have – your podcast is a success.

If you had no luck getting in touch with certain people – but the minute they said yes to being interviewed on your podcast – it was a success

If your goal was to be seen as an expert and someone sends you an email asking you for your opinion – your podcast is a success

If your goal was to “get the message out there” and your podcast has a number that is higher than zero – your podcast is a success.

If your goal was to get something off your chest, you want to put your thoughts out into the universe – so you don't feel so invisible – and someone hears it – you're not invisible.

Theracasts can be audio journals that can help you more than your audience in some cases, but they are much less expensive than therapy. Some might say you should do these in a private journal (and you can do that) but sometimes you need someone to hear you – even if its a complete stranger.

Glenn the Geek has people write Christmas songs about his podcast at the

When someone in your audience chimes in on a conversation that helps you save money or time – that is a bonus to your life.

Binders Can Be a Good Thing

When I asked Uncle Google what blinders are, I see that blinder “attach to a horse's bridle or hood and prevent a horse from seeing behind and beside him.” I mention this alot because its important. Comparing your show to another show is one of the worst things you can do. Blinder can stop you from looking at your past (cause there may be regrets) and they help you focus on your future. Your current value is not based on your mistakes of the past.  Keep focused on your audience and answer every email, tweet, etc and keep the conversation going (don't just answer the question).

It Might Take a Bit To Get Some Feedback

I started a show called Your Podcast Consultant ( small lessons with big value) for those who like a shorter podcast. I've been doing it for nine months, and finally just got some feedback.

The Power of Relationships

Jen Briney doest the Congressional Dish podcast that every American should be subscribed to and she recently did an episode on Suprise Medical Bills in America and did a touching tribute to a listener who died. Jen monetizes the show on the “Value for Value” model (meaning it is 100% listener supported) and Jen explains how listeners are a bit like pen pals. It really shows the kind of relationships you build online. Likewise, when I heard Jen cry on her show remembering her listener I wanted to crawl through my phone and give her a giant hug. Why? Because of the relationship, I feel I have with her as a listener.

While Jen will blow off and poke fun of herself for crying on the show, what it is – is courageous. She went 100% vulnerable on her show. This also helps build relationships with your audience.

The No Agenda Show with John C Dvorak and Adam Curry do a show they deconstruct the media. Their audience is so engaged they are doing meetups to talk about their subject(s). Their audience loves the subject to much they want to continue on the discussion. They even set up a website at and there are MANY websites maintained by their audience with the goal of helping to promote the show

Jim Collison is my cohost for Ask the Podcast Coach on Saturday mornings and host a show for his job at Gallop as well as Home Gadget Geeks. He just mentioned that he had started enjoying a cigar every now and then and he was contacted multiple times by his audience who wanted to send him their favorite cigar.

Last Five in Five

What were the last five podcasts you listened to?

Dan from the Thank God I'm an Atheist and the How to Heretic show

  1. God Awful Movies
  2. The Constant
  3. Scathing Atheist 
  4. Pod Save America
  5. The Allusionist

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