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Periscope is a live streaming service from Twitter. It's pretty cool. My step-son is at Perdue and last week we got to see his first performance with the band via periscope. I had 36 people watching my cat in a baby's sleeping shirt. During the week I would open it up and just talk about whatever hit me. It's an interesting way to connect with your audience. In general, the video is recorded and can be viewed for 24 hours. You can download the file and upload it to YouTube or whatever service you would like to use.

How Do I Get My Mixer Into Periscope?

irig_I used an iRig device originally meant for guitar players to plug their guitar into their iOs device but it works for me. You will need a 1/4″ to 1/4” patch cable to go from the mixer to the iRig, and then the iRig into the phone.

There is an iRig2, but it is overkill. Also when it comes to patch cables, as you will be doing this near your mixer, this is probably a case where a shorter cable is better.

Like most podcast equipment questions, there are about a billion different tools you can use to do this. The bottom line is, have something to say. If you don't bring value, you won't have people coming back to hear what you have to say.  It's one thing to just hop on and test it out, be sure to mention that. For me, I like firing it up and having one topic, saying it, and get out. In the immortal word of James Brown, “hit it and quit it.” – The Crack Cocaine of Social Media is completely addicting. It also is a streaming service like Periscope except you can (if you choose) to let up to four people join you. There is a chat room where people can chime in and ask questions. They can also request to be part of the stream. I tried this last Saturday on Ask the Podcast Coach. Typically this is a call in show where my co-host and I talk and occasionally take a phone call. It's awesome as you are never sure what you are going to get.  I think in the year that I've done that show we've had one caller, and one waiting twice. Last Saturday I had four people in the cue wanting to come on.

You still have control over who is and is not on the stream. You can mute people, or band them from the blab. You can start a blab on your computer (so it's easy to connect your mixer or microphone)or on your mobile device. It's best to use Chrome when you are on the computer. You can choose to record it (or not). If you record it, when your blab is over, you get a link to the audio file  (mp3 file – 320 kbps stereo) or the video. When I compared the audio from Blab the to the WAV file I recorded on my portable recorder, the WAV file didn't win by much. vs Blog Talk Radio

It's also not fair to judge at this time because is free. They have tons of video and audio on their servers, and trust me, they will eventually have to charge to keep this engine rolling.

Blog Talk Radio has really step up their game. Their audio is now 128 KBPS stereo. You (and your guests) can connect directly to their system. It creates AWESOME sounding audio. You can have your audience call in via the phone. They have a chat system, and you can direct people to your show on Blog Talk Radio, you can also implement their system on your site. It is super easy for people to connect with you. With that said, the buzz on completely smokes Blog Talk Radio. The interaction, the exposure of people tweeting, for me – in my experience – with my audience, it was like the difference between college football and the pros. Both are great, but was just a much faster pace.

Blog Talk Radio has the ability to have a call screener, and that you do not have at so be ready to eject the first person who comes in screams Bobba Booee!

For me, I do love being able to see the person's name and have links to their profile on Twitter (so I may end up following you).

They plan on adding the feature to allow you to embed the blab on your site.

Currently, blab is lacking in the stats category. You can see how many people attended your blab, but you can go back later and see how many people watched the relay.

Blog talk radio will win if your audience is not technical. If they are looking for businesses in the yellow pages. If you have a computer with a microphone, a smartphone, it's just too easy to join a blab. As the platform gets more popular it will be harder to find a blab, but for those people relying on the phone, Blog Talk Radio is still the answer.

SoundCloud is Being Sued

I spent some time investigating Soundcloud a few weeks ago. I would strongly urge you NOT to put any eggs in the basket. Their “Super cool player” no longer works on Facebook. They lost 29 million dollars last year, DJ's are pulling their music, Sony music is pulling their music, and now they are being sued.  In my opinion, it's dead site walking.

Because of My Podcast: I Met Burt Reynold and Made Him Cry

Bobby from Live Nude Puppets loves Dom DeLuise, and because of his podcast he has an agent that is looking to help launch a live nude puppets animated show. This lead to Bobby being in the same room as Burt Reynolds. Bobby is a HUGE Dom fan, and went and spoke to Burt about it, and both got choked up thinking about Mr. DeLuise. Thanks for sharing Bobby, and congrats on topping the charts on the Clammrcast Top 20 Coundtown.

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Podcasts Are Like Dogs

kodaSaturday my wife called to let me know our German Sheppard Koda needed to be put to sleep. His health had been going downhill quickly, and now he could barely walk. He was 110 lbs. He was my gentle giant. It was a very sad day. I was thinking this morning as I walked into the kitchen where Koda used to sleep. The kitchen looks so much bigger with him gone. Dogs are a lot like podcasts.

You Never Know What You're Going to Get

You can read up on breeds, but until you bring the puppy home you never know what you actually have. My step-daughter has two rescue dogs. The one would eat the house. By that I mean she would leave to go to work and come home and part of the door frames were torn to shreds.

There is More to Getting It Off The Ground Than Expected

When you get a dog, you think you need food. Oh yeah, and bowl. Wait, I better pick up a leash. Oops, almost forgot the brush. Oh, the little guy should have some sort of bed or blanket. I should also pick up a chew toy or 20.

I've mentioned how there are 27 steps to list your podcast up and into iTunes. The good news is once it's in iTunes the other episodes only require about 8 steps.

You Learn Lessons The Hard Way

When I had a shi-tzu I learned that if you don't shave their butt their hair grows over their there is nowhere for the poo to go. Likewise, that time you had the best interview ever only to see that you forgot to press record on your recorder is a lesson most of us learn the hard way.

Once You've Got The Routine Down – The Relationship Begins

Once the dog is trained, and you have them on somewhat of a routine you start to get to know their personality. You start to build that relationship. With podcasts, the launch can be a bit overwhelming but once its up and you can focus on the content you get into a rhythm. You start to get that trickle of feedback, and you start to build that relationship. In the same way that you trust that your dog isn't going to eat your house, your audience trusts you to bring good content.

You Will More Than Likely Try More Gear

Sure the dog loves his nylon bone, but when you put him in the backyard and through a frisbee and he caught it a new passion was unveiled. With podcasting you may want to take a stab at, or adding a co-host, or recording mobile, you will try different things. Somethings are awesome. Sometimes the dog looks at you after you through the frisbee with a face that reads, “Do you expect me to go get that?”

Your Health Will Start To Fail

Am I saying a year in podcasting is like seven years? Maybe. Maybe that's why most podcasters don't make it past 7 because it's really episode 49. The passion you had for your subject starts to fade. Maybe you've said all there is to say on that subject. Maybe you are not in the same place you were when you started. The only thing that says the same is change.

You Will Know When It's Time

Last week we spoke with Donovan Adkisson who said, “It just wasn't fun.” That is why he is taking a hiatus from Podcasting. His life changed. His priorities changed. He is not in the same place.

When It's Gone You Look at the Bright Side and the Memories

I use to live next to a golf course. I would get up and watch people tee-off while eating my cereal. Koda was always trying to escape and because of his size people would scream and run at the sight of him. He looked like a wolf. One day he gout out the sliding door and took off down the golf course. I believe I was in my pajamas running down the fairway trying to catch this dog dazes in disbelief that the dog was faster than I was, and depressed at how out of shape I was. Luckily, Koda stopped to water a bush. If he hadn't I still would probably be chasing that dog. Looking back, I should've called up Glen the Geek (America's Horse husband) and got some information on getting a saddle for the dog.

I've pretty much laid down the microphone for some of my shows. I got to interview some of my music idols on that show, and I had bands email me how my tips help them sell their music. I'm just not into that scene like I was 10 years ago.

I've had Partial, Butch, Gonzo, Sarah, Dudley, Teddy, Max, and Koda in my life depending on where I was staying. I never knew what I was going to get, and I am so glad I had the courage to invite a dog into my life, and I urge you to find the courage to start a podcast and build relationships with like-minded people. You never know where the road may lead you.

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    I’m so sorry. Clearly you and your dog greatly loved each other.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dog…..

  3. Coco says:

    I listened to your podcast today and loved it, sorry to hear about Koda but loved the podcast analogy, I also checked out Blab, you’re right it is easy, addictive and beautifully linked with Twitter, thank goodness I listened to your show. Now I have your list of 27 to dos in front on me and I’m all set to become a podcaster, thanks for the inspiration!

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