I have people who want to start podcasting and they have an idea of what to talk about, they have the money to buy equipment, but still, they won't start podcasting. Today we talk about why, and what you can do to get over it.

Because of My Podcast I  Spoke in Front of 20,000 People [2:30]

Kenn Blanchard of the Black Man with a Gun podcast and the Motor Cycle Radio got to speak at an event in New York and got to share the stage with non other than DonaldKenn Blanchard and Donald Trumpt Trump. How cool is that? Check out Kenn's book, “Black Man with a Gun.” We have spoken with Kenn before. He once helped a listener who was thinking of committing suicide.

He got to speak about the rights of people and have dinner with some millionaires. Shalom Baby!

You can find all of Kenn's podcasts at www.blanchardmediagroup.com 

Last 5 in 5 [4:50]

This was recorded on the floor of Podcast Movement with Jeremy and Taylor from Final Clock Out podcast. They show that there are more ways to make money besides the 9-5.


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Bullet Proof Radio

Smart Passive Income 

London Real

Super Fast Business


Ask Pat

Kick Ass Life

Achieve Your Goals

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Marketing Lifestyle

Tim Perris 

Podcast Rewind [11:45]

I appeared on The Podcast Report Talking Podcasting stats with Paul Colligan

Personal Branding show with Bernard Kelvin Clive (from Ghana )

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by Garrettent44614 from USA on August 28, 2014

So far I've listened to every episode in the last 4 weeks and I have to say that this podcast has it all, Audio
Quality, Content Quality and Dave Jackson definitely brings the perfect personality to the table when it comes
to how the podcast is produced. Thanks a ton Dave, Keep up the good work!!!
Learn podcasting and have fun doing so!

by SteveW928 from Canada on August 23, 2014

Dave not only has the heart of a teacher, but he brings his great sense of humor in to keep it fun as well.
School of Podcasting is a one-of-a-kind educational experience where you'll not only learn great details about
podcasting and the industry, but you'll also learn about hosting, equipment, software, hardware gadgets, etc. as
Dave loves to try a bit of everything and give you his opinion on how well it really works. And, as mentioned
above, he's a hoot to listen to.

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Is Fear Stopping You From Starting Your Podcast?

The answer I'm hearing more and more is how people are trying to get over their “jitters” to start recording your podcast. When we launch a podcast we go into areas that we have never gone before, and that will make us nervous. It's normal. You're going to hate your voice. That's normal. I know that fear can really become a factor so here are some thought to help you face the fears of starting a podcast.

1. It's Not live.

You can record it once, twice, three times before releasing it. Just because you record it doesn't mean you have to release it to the public.

2. Editing is your friend

If it's not perfect, you can edit out the part that need help. And you can always record it again.

3. Why Would people listen to me?

Remember you don't have to know everything, you just have to know more than your listener. Or if you don't know anything make it a journey podcast. I'm sure President Obama feels this way when he puts on his tie.

I have never felt I could sing. Mainly because my brother told me at an early age. It stung. I sing in most of the bands I play in, but its usually the really high stuff and I have to wear a size smaller underwear to hit the high notes. But I was shocked when my friend asked me to play and sing at his wedding. I did, and I got huge compliments. Everyone had heard me scream on stage, but they had never heard me sing. It turns out I'm not half bad.

4. What's the worst that could happen?

If it's really bad, you can always pull it off the Internet. Remember, when you first start there won't be much of an audience (so there isn't much to be embarrassed about ).

Try this: instead of convincing yourself to believe the worst about something you fear, try imagining the best. You might make someone's day. You might inspire to change their life for the better. You might inspire a future customer. 

When a podcast show fails, there are always lessons to be learned. Many very successful podcasters are on their second (third) show because the first one tanked.

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  1. That was fun, in-spite of the connection issues. Thanks Dave for the feature. It was an honour.

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