In episode 379 we have a quick podcast success story, we talk about launching your podcast (and why it doesn't have to be perfect), we hear about using MagicJack as a podcast voicemail system. We talk about what to expect when asking your audience to chime in on something. We also talk about having an attitude of gratitude.

Because of My Podcast I Got To extend My Stay For Free [2:00]

Doug Parker from the got to stay two additional nights at his destination so he could cover his destination on his podcast.

[5:00] Launching Your Perfect Podcast? Quit Waiting

Your podcast doesn't have to be perfect to launch. While you want to come out of the gate with your podcast in a professional manner, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Grammar Girl who has been on Oprah and this month was on the Today show. Grammar girl was not her first episode. Cali Lewis's Geek Beat show originally had a “Spies” back story (Cali is not her real name), but they changed format. Erik Fish has a very popular podcast called Beyond the To Do List. Beyond the to do list was not his first podcast. Kenn Blanchard has changed his format over the years. So if you're waiting  for your podcast to be perfect, it might be “good enough”. There is one thing that is certain:

It doesn't have to be perfect to launch.

You can't improve what you haven't started.

Marc Maron's podcast originally used a song by AC/DC before switching to his current theme (probably because its illegal).

Don't mistake that I'm saying “just throw it on the wall,” but so many times people have a really good podcast but they won't launch it because it's not exactly the way they pictured it in their head. If you need help, or want an outside opinion I would love to help you start a podcast.

[15:29] Using Magic Jack For Podcast Voicemail

MagicJack is a device that you can use with or without a computer. The new version plugins into your router (so you don't have to leave your computer on all the time). You an buy the system for a little over $50 at Amazon. The system is around $20 a year with unlimited phone calls, plus you get unlimited voicemail. You can also check your voicemail from your cell phone. Here is what Bud had to say about it

Here is a list of some of the differences between our award-winning service and Skype.

magicJack PLUS can be used without a computer.

Skype must be used on a computer and the computer must be on
magicJack is an easy-to-use portable device that allows you to use a traditional telephone handset to make and receive calls.

Skype is a software program and accessories must be purchased separately.
magicJack software runs automatically.

Skype software must be installed on your computer.
magicJack utilizes a dedicated telephone network and provides crystal-clear call quality.

Skype uses a peer-to-peer network.
magicjack provides a free telephone number.

Skype charges up to $72.00 a year for a telephone number
magicjack provides free voicemail.

Skype charges up to $24.00 a year for voicemail.
This one Service takes the place of Skype and Speakpipe and you only have to pay once a year or you can buy additional years.

I use Kall8 for voicemail which is $2 a month and .06 a minute. The audio is fine (not super high quality), but listenable. After all a phone will always sound like a phone. Bud liked it over Speakpipe as the voicemails can be any length.

[21:30] New Group Podcast Chat

I have installed a group chatting software as a test. Ise Rumble Talk for this ($16 a month) This is a group chat room where people can connect with each other. The cool side of this is you can easily use a QR code, and join the chat on your smart phone. You can set up words that can't be used in chat you keep it family friendly, as well as assign moderators who can boot people who want to take your chat into areas that you don't want it to go. You can install it and have it up and running a few minutes.

I got this up and running on my website in next to know time.

There is a wordpress plugin that makes it super easy to integrate.

The chat is hosted on their servers so it won't slow down your site.

You can actually send a link via email/twitter (in my case the website link is )

You can choose to save all the chat information (so if you want to see what people are chatting about – which could lead to good content)

You can test drive it for 30 days free (with a restriction of only four people in the chat at once).

[26:55]Results From Last Week's “How Long Should This Show Be:

I had a 1% response from the number of downloads with 50% coming from phone, 40% coming from comments, 10% coming from people emailing their mp4 files.

If you have any questions, ASK your audience. Embrace any feedback you get. Podcasting can be very democratic as your audience (if you want it to ) can shape it and mold it.

Steve from
John Morgan let's talk metal and treasure hunting
Daren Drake from the Engaging Life and Leadership
Judy from

[47:51]Podcaster's Roundtable 19 – How To Pick a Podcast Topic

I was on the Podcaster's Roundtable with (+Ray Ortega ), +Ben Krueger +Kevin Mulryne and +Ben Adam-Smith to discuss the process of choosing a podcast topic. We had a great time and I met some great people

[50:00]Take Time This Week To Say Thank You To a Podcaster

We are all busy, and we consume podcasts all week. We all know how great it feels to be appreciated. With this in mind, I would like to you do something to show the host of your podcast that you appreciate them, and are thankful that they are taking the time to produce content for you. Podcasting can feel like a thankless job at times, and you can make someone's day with just a few words. Be it an email, a voicemail, a comment, pleas take action this week to thank a podcaster (that isn't me).

So please take some time this week to thank a podcaster who you listen to (that's not me). You will feel better and you will put some “gas in their tank” I'm sure.

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Jim Collison

Mike Phillips

You need a budget Software.

Thank you to everyone who has been purchasing things through my Amazon link as I have put to bed another credit card bill. I'm knocking off the smaller ones, but am taking more and more steps to become debt free.

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