National Podcast Day September 30th

September 30th 2104 is National Podcast Day where we all put the spotlight on Podcast Movement and help turn more people on to listening to podcast, creating new podcasts, and general helping podcast awareness raise up a few notches.

Using the Roland R-05

John from wants to know how I use this device? When I recorded at Podcast Movement. When I use the built in microphone I try to use my guests as sound shields (putting them between the mic and the sounds). I kept the microphone about chest level. I always listen so I can hear what is being recorded.

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Dave Jackson and Erik K Johnson will go over your show from top to bottom and use their 30 cobined years of creating content to help you spotlight what you are doing right, and help you tweak those things that need help. You can get reviewed by going to

Podcasting Good To Great How to Grow your Audience through Collaboration [7:55]

To we focus on one thing: growing your audience. We have Jared Easley author of the book Podcasting Good To Great How to Grow your Audience through Collaboration. You might also recognize that name as we was one of the organizers of the HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL Podcast movement and also has a really good podcast called Starve the Doubts. Today we hear how Jared stared out by noticing others and seeing how they could help them (looking for nothing in return). He didn't know what he was doing all the time, but that didn't stop him. When he doubt, he could always find someone and ask some questions.


I first started listening to his podcast before Podcast Movement. I liked this show. I met Matt Lovell at the event, and he mentioned how he was going to be in Cleveland soon. I toll him to look me up. He did. We did and he sat in on a recording o the Ask the Podcast Coach show that I do live on Saturday Mornings. On the way to breakfast he told me a story of how he had reached out to a podcast host, and the host had called him on the phone. The podcaster? Jared Easley. Does this mean that you have to call all of your listeners to grow your audience? No. If you have the time, you could.

We talk about using teleconferencing to connect live with your audience (especially helpful if they are not up to speed on webinars). Jared mentioned and Dave like

Its not doing LARGE things that will grow your audience. In many cases its the little things you do that have the most impact. What if you impacted 5 people a week. What would that do over the span of a year? You could have 60 people who have true connection with you and enjoy telling people about your show. As the old commercial goes, “And they told two friends, and they told two friends..”

Matt's Story – Permission To Chat? [31:00]

Matt Lovel had just found Jared's podcast, he tweeted about it to his friends. He asked what their favorite episode of Starve the Doubts was. People came out of the woodwork with suggestions and one person was the host Jared Easley. Jared asked (via twitter) if they would like to move to the phone, and 2.5 hours later their phone call ended.

One of the cool things about podcasting is people who like your show are more than likely LIKE YOU. This means you will probably connect with people who listen to your show. In this instance Matt and Jared talked about life goals, etc and Matt explained how he was moving between jobs. Jared new someone who was looking for Matt's skills. When I say you can have an impact on your listener's lives, I don't mean that you will find them work that pays them more and changes your quality of living, but we ca now say, “It could happen.”

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Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
3 comments on “The Power of a Connection – Jared Easley On Growing Your Podcast Audience
  1. Matt Lovell says:


    Thanks so much for your efforts in putting all this together. I really enjoyed being able to contribute and am honored to have been a part of an episode of the School of Podcasting. 🙂

    When I emailed you and said you “made my day” here was why: As I was sending you the audio file, the resistance demons were screaming loud. “It’s too long…” “It’s not a good story…” “It’s not good enough….” etc. etc. etc.

    So when you told me “Dude! It’s exactly what I was looking for” it put those demons to bed and gave me more confidence in what I was doing.

    So there you have it. 🙂 Thanks Dave!


  2. Kim Krajci says:

    I was listening to this podcast and immediately went to my computer to buy it (sorry, I didn’t use your link – I will next time.)

    This is an awesome book. I’m just starting out and hope to use even a 10th of his ideas to get my podcast out to my audience. Thanks for the great interview and stories from these two men.

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