Question of the Month: Focus Groups

01:43 Currently, I'm obsessed with focus groups. Why? Because every time I hear someone talking about growing their audience the absolute last thing they mention is their content. So I asked my audience if they had ever used a focus group and Max from Avaiant News talk and Sharon from God's Women both share how they had got some feedback and both feel they benefitted from it.

Recently I did some market research that had me way out of my comfort zone but the information I received was worth the discomfort.

[02:26 ]Max from Aviation News Talk

[04:34] Sharon From All God's Women

[06:02 ]We All Benefit from Constructive Feedback

Facebook Vs Mighty Networks

On a previous episode, the hosts of the Wealth Without Wall Street were interviewed and mentioned how they had grown their overall revenue by 300%. One of its key ingredients was a Mighty Network. When I looked into this tool, I found it to be the swiss army knife of building communities (and if you want it – revenue). With Facebook losing15 million in the last two years source and trust getting lower and lower why not move a separate mobile-friendly location where YOU are in control of your community.

Jessica Shambora is the Head of Brand and Growth at Mighty Networks and came to answer my questions:

[09:04] Jessica Shambora From Might Networks

[09:41] What is a Mighty Network

[12:49] Creating a Freemium Model

[13:26 ]Worst Practices

[16:16] Start Ugly

[16:57] Handling Large Groups

[17:55] Mighty Networks vs Facebook

[22:22 ]Keeping People Engaged

[23:51] Example of Networks

[31:02] Do I NEED to take the course?

[33:00 ]The Free Plan

[33:32] The Community Plan

[35:18] The Business Plan

[36:23] Setting Your Price

[42:01 ]How Do I Get Paid?


June Question of the Month

[47:16] This month's question is “Who would be your #1 guest you want on your show?”

I need your answer by June 26th.

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  1. Thanks for including me in this episode. I love podcasts like this that teach me new ways to improve what I do.

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