Today I'm talking about how I made 35% more than a host read ad. The POWER of feedback, and I'm playing with the new Rode PodMic USB that really lets me dial in a great sound.

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The Knee Jerk Reaction to Podcast Ads May Be Missing Other Opportunities

I've heard the average host-read ad in a podcast pays about $25 per 1000 downloads. Less than 10% have the needed 10,000 downloads per episode to get a “big sponsor.” In some cases, they may have enough for ads that pay anywhere from $3.85 – $7 CPM (boo!). 

On Ask the Podcast Coach, I mentioned Switchy ( A link tracker and more) from App Summo (where it's a one-time payment for life). I earned $17.20. Obviously, I'm not going to retire on that, but the show doesn't have a huge audience. When I calculated the CPM, it was $34. So, if you're getting $5 CPM with your programmatic ads, you might want to mix in an affiliate that truly fits your audience. (and buy my book Profit From Your Podcast: Proven Strategies That Turn Listeners into a Livelihood )

For People Looking to Guest On Podcasts (and not start a show), the new Rode PodMic USB is a great choice.

The mic is both USB and XLR, so if you later want to plug it into an interface like a Rodecaster Duo, you can. 

It comes with a sturdy pop filter (the original PodMic was east to “pop”).

Its all-back design is cool. 

You can use software that has Aphex processing and tweak the sound of your microphone and then SAVE THAT SOUND into the microphone. So when you plug it in via USB, you're sound is right where you left it. 

It works with Rode's Capture app, so if you want to record directly to your phone, you can. (I had to use a USB C to Lightning Cable). Likewise, if your computer doesn't have a USB C input, you'll need a USB to USB C Connector

The bottom line is for around $200 you end up with a single-channel roadcaster. 

The Negatives

While this microphone is obviously meant to be on a stand, when I had it on a boom arm, it was very sensitive to any kind of tapping on the desk, etc. So, don't touch the mic or anything when recording. It kind of needs a shock mount. Not a deal killer; just put it where you need it and leave it alone.

At $200, it is more than double something like a Samson Q2u or ATR2100X, but those don't have the Aphex processing. 

Video of Rode Capture App 
Click to Watch
Don't Fear the Feedback

I recently created a sales video for the School of Podcasting. I went to my newsletter and asked them to “Talk about it like I wasn't in the room.” As I started implementing the suggestions, more came in (so looking back, you might want to wait or give a deadline) as I ended up making seven different versions before I loaded on the final (for now) version.

It all was great feedback, and I see people time and time again release their first episode without getting any feedback. What is the point of releasing something that is not going to impact the audience the way you want them to?

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