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I recently wrote an article about a guy who wanted to spend $20 to get thirty unique iTunes reviews. This is not the way to grow your audience. Cheaters never win. Read the story here. I know we all want large audiences but it takes time. On the other hand a friend of mine just released a new podcast last week and his first show (with zero promotion) had 22 downloads in a week. My friend Tina who we heard from on show 300 (14 weeks ago) is getting close to to…I mean mid three figure downloads. Shes is growing her audience by being honest, legitimate, and reliable.

I tried cheat as an experiment by using Tweet Adder. Where I now have over 1627 followers, where my legitimate twitter account (learntopodcast) has less than 300. However, when I look at my replies, and the number of clients I've found on twitter, they all come my legitimate account where I interact with people one on one. You can read more about this at this post

New Way to Get Tipped

I spoke about this on the More Podcast Money show (which is about my book “More Podcast Money”). This systems allows you to pick an ID and then when people text your ID  to 1-202-800-1100 they are asked if you would like to tip this person which takes them to a page with a paypal donate button. This this I ask, isn't logging into a paypal account a bit of a challenge on a smart phone (I hate to type on mine). What do you think?

Want to see what it looks like? text podcast to 1-202-800-1100

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Chasing the Free Podcasting Dream

This week I've spoken with people who have wasted HUNDREDS of hours, even YEARS because they are trying to podcast for free. Is there a hobby that you are aware of that doesn't require money? (Besides walking, and even that requires shoes). People are missing the opportunity to makes friends, change the world, educated, entertain, make people laugh, cry, think, groan, etc because they won't spend the $49 for a microphone, and $22 a month for the hosting (and $10 a YEAR).

Bowling requires you pay for the games.
Golf requires clubs, and you pay to play
Guitars requires new strings from time to time.
Photography requires storage disks.
Listening to live music requires a cover charge
Listening to comedians often has a two drink minimum.
Wine tasting requires paying for the wine

If you don't have a website, you can have me setup your website, and gain access to the School of Podcasting (for 30 days) for free by using my Quick Start plan. You can also get a free month of media hosting at libsyn.com by using the promo code sopfree

Why can you find the money for these hobbies, but you can't find the money for a hobby that has potential to actually make money? Leave your comments below..

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