I had talked about this story on my blog. There is a podcast about knitting that is getting 13,000 listeners per show. What made the show successful? Kathy cites promoting the podcast on the company’s other social media channels, keeping content interesting, sticking to a schedule, and not using the podcast as a commercial. The podcast is Ready Set Knit

Alternatives to ITunes For Podcatching

Today we get some feedback from Charley Hays who does the Cross Driven Radio podcast (www.crossdrivenradio.com) and he mentions a Podcast “catcher” for the iPhone called Pocket Casts from Shifty Jelly. It is also available for the Android. Last episode I had mentioned the Beyondpod application for Android (not iPhone) app in a previous episode. I LOVE this app, and listeners who purchase the School of Podcasting App will get a detailed review of the program as bonus content for this episode.

Pocket Cast iPhone App

Pocket Casts - Shifty Jelly

Pocket Cast Android App



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