The School of Podcasting is Now Available as an Amazon Skill

Just ask Alexa “Enable School of Podcasting.” I got this through (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month). To hear what you need to do to get your own Amazon Skill listen to this episode of the feed (go to this post – it starts at the 48:00 mark)

My Opinion On The New

Yes they are adding more features

Yes, they still make it way too easy to add your show to Apple under their login and password (BOO+++!!!)

Their business model is not a business model. It's free 100% unlimited hosting.

There is a name for companies that use that business model: CLOSED – stay away using this for your “main” podcast.

See my full insights into this

Is This Adulting? My Interview with Chris and Steven

I love that this show is unlike any other show. Is this adulting combines discussion on mental illness with comedy. I love that they put some time and effort into the show and both come to the microphones with ideas (and not just “turn on the microphone and wing it). Today we talk about:

  • Their struggles with mental illness and why they started a podcast to debunk the stigma's
  • What goes into an episode – combining  mental illness and comedy
  • Why they call their listener base is “Best Friends”
  • Who is Karen?
  • How starting a podcast has affected their life
  • How the podcast has affected their listener's lives.
  • How their podcast enables them to see their progress
  • Their podcast is saving lives
  • How being vulnerable is powerful to the audience
  • What are the biggest stigmas?
  • Have they ever gone too far?
  • Why Steve walked away from his job to do the podcast
  • Who they use for merch (
  • Advice for new podcasters
  • Dealing with Haters

Check out their show at


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