Your brand is how your show is perceived. Perception is reality (so if you have the best podcast, but your artwork is done in crayon, your audio is horrible, you are hurting your podcasts' brand). So today I have tips on making your episode one that gets your audience coming back. I also share three tools that you can use to boost your podcast brand.

Don't Leave Your Audience Hungry

Can you imagine if a new restaurant opened in your neighborhood and was serving your favorite food? You get all dressed up and bring a date and go to the new place looking forward to eating some of your favorite food.

You show up and the menu just mentions what will be available next week. The problem is you are there NOW and you're hungry.

So often I see a first episode delivers nothing more than what amounts to be a table of contents for future episodes. I've read a lot of books but I've never highlighted the table of contents.

Tidy Cal $20 Lifetime Deal

Tidy Cal is a brand new scheduling tool that makes it easy to book guests or clients (your appointments can be free or you can charge). You can easily connect it to the Google calendar and the developers have lots of plans for the software. You can get LIFETIME access for $19.99. Here is a quick video.

For more information see

Telbee is Speakpipe on Steriods

I've used Speakpipe for years, but the makers of Telbee listened to the wants of speakpipe users and developed a new, morse customizable platform.

One thing that can make your podcast better is to understand your audience. Telbee makes it easy to get feedback, and create a widget that looks great. You can even direct people to a website after they leave a message.

Channels are the feature that I could use when I do my “question of the month” episodes. I could have a channel where all the responses are tied and organized to that one channel.

Here is quick video of me playing with the software:

Cost wise, Telbee is $18 month where speakpipe is $15/month and Telbee is a little more at $18/month (both have discounts for purchasing yearly).

For more information see

See it live on this page

Less Annoying CRM

I've been looking for a place to organize my information where my coaching clients, my audio editing clients, my guests, or hosts where I have been on their show.

I can see my calendar, I see all the communication, set reminders, set up pipelines, and it's only $15/month. They have a 30 day free trial.

It truly lives up to its name. “Less Annoying CRM“. Here is a quick impromptu video of me playing with the software:

For more information see

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  1. Andrew McGivern says:

    Great episode. It was like a combination of School of Podcasting and Weekly Web Tools!

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