Three Tools To Help You Identify What Your Audience Wants

Audience analysis is a critical part of any effective communication. Without understanding what your audience wants, needs, and values, it is impossible to create a message that will resonate. Fortunately, there are a few key methods for understanding your audience so that you can better serve them. Today I share three tools you can use to better understand your audience.

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Learn the Secret to Reading Your Audience's Mind

Today I show you three strategies (and some bonus items):

Amazon Strategy

1. Look at 4 and 2-star reviews on Amazon. They typically are more constructive and specific than 1 and 5-star reviews.

YouTube Comments

2. Search for your topic and YouTube and find a channel about your topic. Then go to the video and sort by popularity. Then click on the most popular video and sort the comments for the best comments.

Facebook Search

3. In Facebook when you see a topic you want to follow click the three dots ( … an ellipsis) and choose “turn on notifications for this post.” Also, there is a search box in Facebook groups that can help you find the answer quicker (often questions have been asked before). Lastly, read the rules of the group and follow them.

Facebook Notifications

Twitter Searches and Hashtags

5. Search Hashtags on Twitter and start conversations as well as read what people are talking about. So many people only use social media to push notifications about THEM instead of going to listen and research. I found this tweet about getting more subscribers from Shawn Dill.

Click HERE to go to Twitter Advanced Search

4. Don't Poach Other People's Clients

Often people in the same genre as you will have an open community, if you join this community, don't self-promote. You are a guest in this person's house and it is very tacky to try and score clients. I am in a few groups of people who do the same thing I do. I answer questions and insights, but mostly I'm there to LISTEN.


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