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Meet the Members

This week we meet Chaley Hays from and he features with musicians and plays great music. You can find it at Chalrye uses a mac computer with graragband and sound studio for editing, Sterling Audio ST55 microphone, DBA 266XL noise compressor, sound craft compact 4 mixer.

Great Plugin Saves Time – Helps Make Money

Wordpress Affiliate EliteThis is a pretty cool plugin for wordpress. It's called Affiliate Elite. You can set up keywaords to link to certain pages. Once you set this up, you just type the words and the links are created. This will save you time, and if you're trying, make you money.



Last 5 in 5 from Charley of

The Bitterest Pill (Charley is a Premium Member)

Fact or Fiction (iTunes)

KJ52 Podcast

Stuff You Should Know (iTunes)

Wordcast (Dave Love's this one too now)

Charley is using the Thesis theme on his site.

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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