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Randal Black is an educator and heard our episode where we revealed some things that didn't go quite right. Randall has a saying that he learned from a Fortune Cookie, “Failure is feedback, and feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Check out Randall at

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Podcast SEO with Transcripts

Many people feel that if they put a transcript of your show as your blog you have found the easy way to create “show notes.” This is often spurred on by a John Mueller (John Mueller – Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst – Google ) stating, “So having some kind of textual information on that page helps us as well, so that we can actually rank that page appropriately. Then when someone brought up transcripts he said, “If you have a transcription of the podcast, that’s even better, because then all of that information is available for us to actually index.” Source.

An article on Seach Engine People's website stated that “After transcribing all their audio content, the radio show This American Life (TAL) found that 6.68% of search traffic is attributable to transcripts.

So who do they do this? Each transcript is published on a separate web page that is linked to the main episode page (see example). Read full report

Two more studies found that pages that added transcripts earned on average 16% more revenue than those without; meanwhile, Youtube videos that added captions gained 7.32% more views overall.

If transcripts are hard to read, then this can increase your bounce rate. A bounce rate is when someone comes to one page on your site and then leaves. Google can see this and (it was thought) to hurt your Google Rankings. However, in an article from Search Engine Journal from Gillam Hunter, it stated, “Don’t worry, despite the “professional opinion” of many SEO cowboys, bounce rate isn’t part of Google’s algorithm. No, having a low bounce rate won’t give you “ranking benefits.” In that same article, it stats that one way to boost your rankings is through better copywriting. So the question is a transcript better copywriting? I guess it depends on your current copy.

For me, we don't write like we talk and we don't talk like we write so when I start to read a word for word transcription my mind gets stressed and I leave. What do you do in that situation? I've love to hear 888-563-3228

If you want to have transcriptions on your site, but somewhat put that “backstage” there is a cool plugin called Simple Podcast Press that allows you to copy and paste your transcripts and yet have then only appear when a website visitors clicks on them. He refers to them as Clutter-Free Transcripts, and if I was going to implement the transcripts, I would probably use this plugin. I already use it on my Ask the Podcast Coach website

Transcriptions Tools

If you don't mind paying $1/minute has great quality (a human is doing the transcription service)

Temi is $6 an hour (or 10 cents a minute) and for a robot, not half bad. I've used it, and if you have the time to proof it a bit it's cool. I liked that you can enter the name of the speakers, and export as a word doc. You can also listen back at faster speeds. is an interesting twist. They sync the transcript and the audio. When you delete the word out the transcript it deletes it out of the audio. This works for REALLY obvious mistakes, but not for micro edits that need a surgeon's hands. For four hours of work, you are looking at over $53. You can test it for free. When I downloaded the text file, the formatting was pretty bad for time stamps.

For me (as you can see) I write a blog post for my podcast (So I don't really need a transcript). But I had zero show notes and wanted a way to make them, Temi would be an economical way (assuming I had the time to tweak it) to get show notes.


There is a podcast even in Utah Next Month (Utah Podcast Summit)

Google's “NEW” podcast feature is old.  You may need to add some code to your site to make sure you're ready Read this post from Libsyn

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