The Truth About New and Noteworthy

I don't write many blogs on this website, but I'm starting to see some people offering (For a very LARGE fee) to help you “Rock your way to the top of New and Noteworthy.” I've asked for two years for anyone to share their before and after new and noteworthy stats, and aside from a few people, most people keep quiet.

Myths About New and Noteworthy

You only have 8 weeks to be in new and noteworthy. – False. Podcasts go in and out of New and Noteworthy all the time. You may only get 8 weeks to be new, but you can be noteworthy

When you are in New and Noteworthy you can expect thousands of downloads. FALSE -. I help a client in 2007 and she went from a few hundred to around one thousand downloads. But that was then, this is now. There are TONS of podcasts being launched each week.

So before you spend a large amount of your hard earned cash on “Rocketing to the top of New and Noteworthy” please realize you are more than likely wasting your time. You should be in iTunes, and do what you can to promote yourself, but getting famous because you're in iTunes is like saying you're going to be famous because you're in the phone book. It takes more than the listing. It takes generating content that inspires word of mouth marketing.

If you want to dig deeper, I debunk the “8 weeks rule”, and the “you must launch with multiple episodes” strategies in this video


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