What a Transcribed Podcast Looks Like

I've been experimenting with having a few podcasts transcribed. I recently sent a segment from THIS PODCAST to get transcribed.


Here is the transcription from that episode. You will see where they type EXACTLY what you say. This can be a good thing or a bad thing it all depends on how you talk. As I have a touch of A.D.D. I have to spend a fair amount of time to get this ready for a blog post. In the end (for me) I think it's easier just to type my show notes. The cost of the transcription was $37.50.

In my experiment, when I checked my stats the episode that were transcribed were higher then the two weeks before in regards to unique visitors.

July 2 494 Unique visitors
July 9 424 Unique visitors
July 23 556 Unique visitors (transcribed)
July 30 598 Unique Visitors (transcribed)

This means (roughly) the pages that were transcribed received 21% more views ( (598-494)/494) )

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2 comments on “What a Transcribed Podcast Looks Like
  1. Kate Luella says:

    ok, so $37.50 – how long was the recording?

    🙂 Kate

  2. I’d have to check… sorry for the missing info. that would be good to know.

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