Every month I ask a question of the audience, and you chime in. This month I ask THE question that everyone wants to know. In January we talked about Grow your downloads 15 minutes a day (episode 812). In June of last year, I gave you 30 Strategies to Grow Your Audience. (Episode 727)

In this episode I get to hear YOUR ideas, and share some “outside the box” ideas I found on Facebook.

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Common Answers:

  • Social Media
  • Cross Promotion with other shows who share an audience/subject
  • Having Guests
  • Appearing as a Guest
  • Buying Ads
  • Being in all the directories
  • Promo Swap (new show coming)

Outside the Box Answers

  • I made postcards saying “let me add a little drama to your life” with links to my shows. I left stacks at truck stops, fitness centers, and doctor’s offices.- Faith McQuinn (I would add Laundromats)
  • Placing business cards/bookmarks in books at stores in books on your subject
  • Having an image on your phone about your show with a QR Code  – Kim Newlove
  • I’ve written short songs on my ukulele and played them to promote specific episodes. – Jen Edds
  • My podcast focuses on books and writing in and about Oklahoma, so my daughter and I went on a book crawl of 8 OKC-area indie bookstores and posted IG updates throughout the day. By the time we got to the last few shops, they knew we were coming. – Jay Hall
  • Door dash and put promo stickers on the bag? – Jeff Butcher
  • I wear a t-shirt with my podcast logo on it to almost all networking events. – Caitlin Donovan
  • My podcast is about geocaching (outdoor-based treasure hunt game). Part of the game there are items called trackables that people place in geocaches to be moved around to different geocaches. When I own a trackable I make a keychain with a QR code that loads to the podcast website that I attach to the trackable.- Amie Grant Tilk
  • I once acquired an abandoned podcast's domain and forwarded their feed to my similar podcast.
    (I made sure to welcome and explain the transition for all those new listeners, and created content I thought they would like.) – Daniel J Lewis (from My Podcast Reviews and the Audacity to Podcast)
  • Went very old school–business cards. With a karaoke-themed podcast, being out at karaoke bars works well for spreading the word.

    We also turned our theme song (given to us by a musician friend) into a karaoke version through Fiverr, so we've done our theme song in places already familiar with us (still waiting to surprise said musician with it, as he personally gets really nervous doing karaoke but I get the feeling we can get him on stage with it).- Ed Cunard
  • I gave the employees at my local Starbucks (I’m there every day) branded t-shirts & stickers for Xmas last yea. Jami Rice.
  • Not really “unusual” but i have been connecting with indy musicians/singers to feature their music. It's a nice win win. I promote them, and in turn they are going to promote my podcast too. – Jay Lee

Mentioned in This Episode

Linq “Smart Business Card” and “linktree” type service with stats. (here is an example – www.powerofpodcasting.com)

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Question of the Month

I need your answer by 3/25/22

We love podcasting, but there are peaks and valleys. What keeps you going when your podcast isn't growing? Be sure to mention your website and a little bit about your show.

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