You are going through the file of the interview you did a week ago and you notice:
1. The audio of the audience sounds horrible.

2. The guest is boring.

Today I showcase some tools that can help you save the audio, but only you can save the boring. In the end, if you let this audio get to your audience, it's YOUR BRAND (not the guest's) who takes the hit.

I Will be Learning Descript in the Future

I saw Descript in its very early stage and I thought, “This will never work” and that was years ago and technology has come a long, long way.

You can now have descript transcribe your show and when you delete the “um” in the text version it deletes it in the audio version. It also edits videos the same way. When I heard about the Sound Studio feature, I thought it might be cool, but instead, it's absolutely bananas.

Descript is equipping people with zero audio editing experience makes amazing sounding audio from recordings that are absolute crap.
Check out this quick video of me playing with the Sound studio

Quieting YOUR End of the Conversation

The fun part of meetings, podcasts, etc is LIFE if happening while we attend and create. This means the snowblower outside, the dog, the cat, etc is going to interrupt. Check out this video of Krisp as I clap while I talk, and Krisp removes the clapping.

Question of the Month

What Are You Doing to Grow Your Audience (and is it working)? Go to to answer

Podcasts Can't Be Cancelled

Check out the article I published on Medium.

Join The School of Podcasting

When you join the School of Podcasting you can quit worrying about:
Are people going to listen to me? (Yes, cause I'll show you how to see what they want).
Am I going to sound stupid? (No, as I'll show you the magic of editing)
It will cost a million dollars (No, I'll have you sounding like a million bucks without spending a million bucks). 
I don't anything about this technology (You said the same thing about driving). 
Get access to:
Step-by-step tutorials, live group coaching, a mastermind group filled with brilliant podcasting minds,  and the ability to schedule as many one on one quick fix calls as you like at no extra charge. 
Join worry-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee 

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Descript software with new Studio Sounds

Krisp (silence your noisy environment)

Podinbox – It's like Speakpipe on Steroids.

Hello Next and Frill Roadmap Tools (could be used by your audience to vote on episode topics)

Podpage – New Social Sharting and Guest Tools

Libsyn 5 – Has new Snippets tools to make show notes easier.

Captivate has introduced dynamic show descriptions, and enhanced its dynamic content tool.

Buy Me a Coffee – Receive payments is a transcript tool I use for editing and for finding pull quotes.

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