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Today we hear from Kevin Patton has worked as an anatomy & physiology professor for several decades, having taught at high school, community college, and university levels. He writes A&P textbooks and manuals. Today he shares how he was able to take some episodes he had done on teaching online, and have them transcribed and turned into a book Pandemic Tracking: A survival Guide for College Faculty that he is giving away to help educators who are new to teaching online. He used the serviced Draft 2 Digital which I have heard a few people use. You can check out Kevin's website the AP Professor

Check out Kevin's book “Pandemic Tracking: A survival Guide for College Faculty.”

Check out Kevin on the Podcast Review Show

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Time Table

[00:43] Because of my Podcast
[05:09] What Do You Use to Make Your Podcast
[06:07] Arnie Chapman Football History Dude
[08:30] Joan Wheeler Culture Rich Podcast
[12:09] Darwyn Dave Delling with My Grief
[16:37] Dave – Sacimental Whine – MidGaurd Interactive
[18:37] Kris – Kris and Kristine Show
[21:04 ]Clay Groves – Fish Nerds
[23:44] Zoe & Sammy The Daily Chicken
[25:06] York – Poetic Earthlings
[26:10] Dennis Trumpy – Sleep to Healthy
[28:05] Steven Indrisano – Steven King Boo! Club
[32:59] Kim Newlove – The Pharmacists Voice
[39:46] Tim From Create Art
[42:55] Mike Thomas – Innopsis Podcasts
[46:19 ]Dave – School of Podcasting
[50:41] May Question of the Month

Podcasting Resources?

If you're looking for resources for podcasting (that are NOT gear related) check out

What Do You Use To Create Your Podcast?

Each month I ask my audience a question and they answer, and I assemble and we all learn something. Today I asked a very wide-open question, ” What do you use to create your podcast” and we got some great answers. We got to hear about gear, but we also hear about passion, and friendship and other things that drive us to be content creators.


Arnie Chapman _ Football History Dude

Joan Wheeler – Culture Rich Podcast

Darwyn Dave – Dealing with My Grief

David Oliver Kling Sacramental Whine, and Midgard Interactive

Kris from Kris and Kristine

Clay Groves From Fish Nerds

Zoe and Sammy From the Daily Chicken Podcast

York From Poetic Earthlings 

Dennis Trumpy – Sleep To Healthy

Stephen Indrisano – Stephen King Boo! Club

Kim Newlove – The Pharmacists Voice

Timothy Kimo Brien – Create Art & Podwrecked

Mike Thomas – Innopsis Podcast

Content Gathering / Organizing


Google News

Flipboard (RSS Reader)



Rodecaster Pro recorder/mixer/interface (3) (bundle with podmics)

Rode Podmic

Rode Podcaster Microphone

Rode Shotgun Microphone with Dead Cat

ATR2100 (2)

Eletrovoice RE320

Samson Q2U  Also available at B&H (1)

Zoom H4n (2)

Zoom H6 (2)

Sennheiser E835

Sure SM48 Microphone

Blue Yeti

Audio Technica 2035 Microphone

Focusrite Scarlet Solo USB Interface

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Samson MBA48 Boom Arm

Audio Technica M30

PC Gaming Headphone Clamp


Audacity (4)




Hindenburg Journalist (2)

Envato (Sound Effects, Graphics, Videos)

Google Docs

Studio 1 Artist

iZotope RX7

Recording Interviews

Clean Feed

Squadcast (3)

eCamm Call Recorder

Podcast Media Hosting

Libsyn (7)


Use the coupon sopfree at Libsyn or Blubrry to get a free month.

Anchor (2)

Website Tools

Weebly (web hosting/ WordPress)

Maple Grove Partners (web hosting)

Second Line WordPress Themes

Elementor Page Builder

Mentioned in the Episode

Become a Patron!
Otter Transcriptions

Your Podcast Website Webinar

Podpage Preview

Marriage Advice from the Divorced Guy

Hindenburg Journalist Course

Tutorial for Teachers to Get Into Podcasting

Draft 2 Digital (book creation tools)

17 Ultimate Podcast Interview Questions

Audible Audio Books

Hoopla Digital (Free audiobooks)

Things Dave Uses to Run His Business (CRM)

Acuity Scheduling Income and Expense Tracking


Sendfox email list tool


Social Bee

Facebook (Mighty Networks looks interesting)

Thinkific (course building/selling tool)

Maplerove Partners

Second line Theme 


Video Tools

Logitech C920

Streamyard (Live video streaming)

Tapestry from Tee Public

Behringer UCA222

May Question of the Month

I'm becoming obsessed with focus groups thanks to watching the TV Show The Profit on CNBC. I see people who are starting to market their show (or wonder why it may not be growing as fast as they want) and it always appears there has been a lack of honest feedback from people you feed would enjoy your show (your target audience). For May the question is again somewhat open-ended. The topic? Focus groups. Did you assemble any feedback? Would you be interested in getting feedback on your show? If you were to start one, do you have any ideas or insights?

Leave your answer at

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.

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