Today we hear about a great podcast success story where Dustin Hartzler is now working for WordPress (Automcatic), John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire explains how being in Time magazine was an honor, but didn't move the needle as much as being on Pat Fynn's Smart Passive Income, we hear an actual “HOW COW” moment captured live (and that's the kind of content that you want to create), and we talk about making sure the “Cart doesn't get in front of the horse” when you launch your podcast.

Please note I had some reports that the original version has some issues at the 7 minute mark so I checked the file (it seemed fine, and reposted it). 

Because of My Podcast I'm Working For WordPress [2:00]

Dustin Hartzler has been producing the Your Website Engineer podcast for three years. He loves wordpress, and today he explain how his podcast was used as an “Audio Business Card” to show off his talent, his passion and his focus. His iTunes reviews were social proof that he could do the job Automatic (the people behind wordpress) wanted him to do. Congratluations to Dustin. For more information about Dustin check out or listen to my other interview of Dustin on this previous episode

The Power Podcast Podcasting [11:25]

In Episode 22 of the Podcaster's Roundtable (A MUST LISTEN) we spend 90 minutes with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire as he (as he always does check out Episode 362 where I interview him solo) pulls back the curtain and is completely transparent about how he goes about making money with his podcast (John made 94K last month). In it he explains how he interviewed a “Big” guest who has appeared on places like CNN, NBC and other main stream media outlets. Jay Samit said he had more feedback and interaction from being on John's show than the other main stream outlets. John's Podcast Entrepreneur on Fire was listed in TIME MAGAZINE, and John said it was an honor, but he got more traffic from being on Pat Fynn's Smart Passive Income. This just shows you the bond that an audience has with the host, and how they can build a community that truly trusts the host and what they recommend.

What Does Great Content Sound Like? [14:55]

I always talk about making great content. Content that many times you can get in other (main stream) outlets. It might be information that is so niche, that only you community is talking about it. In this case the fact that its getting any exposure will make that community go “This podcast was made for me.” Some people call this “Drive Way” topics. The theory is someone has driven home after a long day at work. They've wanted to g home all day. Now they are home, but they sit in the driveway until your podcast is over.

In Episode 22 of the Podcaster's Roundtable John is explaining how he just signed a deal with a new sponsor. In the middle of his explanations he just shares that Freshbooks is paying $688 per episode. Now to share any numbers in podcasting is unheard of (although I share mine all the time). This is something “out of the ordinary” and it caught host Ray Ortega off guard and you will hear his reaction.

Dave Talks Podcasting and Church Growth on 200 Churches Podcast [19:52]

I recently appeared on the 200 churches podcast where we talked about how churches can use podcasting to reach a global audience, and how his experience with small and large churches and how one an learn from the other. You can find out more information at

The Three Speeds of a Podcast Launch [26:18]

Cart Before the HorseThe Cart Before The Horse – Based in Passion

If you are purchasing podcasting equipment, media hosting, and sound proofing your room BEFORE you've decided on a name or topic for your podcast this is you. I LOVE your enthusiasm. You are running on 100% emotion and that's admirable. We need to help you before you spend THOUSANDS on microphones. We need to harness that passion into a direction that will avoid the common pitfalls that podcaster's fall into. You end up looking unprofessional, and making mistakes that rob you of your audience later in your podcast journey.

The Horseless Cart – Based in Fear

This is the person who may be afraid to look stupid in public. They are waiting for “one more thing” to be “Just right” so then they can launch. This is the direct opposite of the person who is running too fast. This person isn't moving at all. The might have what I call “Paralysis by Analysis,” and in the end they ay never launch a podcast because they will lose their passion.

The Perfect Mix of Podcasting Passion and Logic

Knows what they want to podcast about, and they've taken a few names to come up with a name and make sure a website address is available that matches. They put out somewhere between $80 – $300 to start their podcast. They realize that any hobby or business marketing requires money to do it right. They don't spend thousands, the get the right information and find out how to sound and look professional without having to take out a second mortgage. This is the person I'm not call “the serious hobbyist.”

They build a solid foundation that can expand and grow both with their website and their equipment. By starting out in the right direction, they are set to take their podcast to a larger audience without having to really change anything. They will have stats to track their success, they will have systems to help them develop “WOW” content (to help avoid burnout).

This is what I help people do at the School of Podcasting. I would love to help you join. If you are looking for a guided tour, my next “How to Podcast in Six Weeks” class starts January 18th at

What is Your Absolutely Favorite Podcast?

There is still time to record an answer to this question. You can email me your answer, or just use my speakpipe page, or call them in 888-563-3228

1. What is YOUR FAVORITE podcast.

2. What is it about

3. Where can we find it (website)

4. Why do you like it?

5. What and where is your podcast?

Responses will be plays in the 12/30 episode.

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