Podcasting and Stalkers

When I was growing up my sister gave too much information to a guy she met on the bus. The next thing I know, is she is getting really creepy phone calls. We eventually had to work with the phone company and the local police (and his mother) to get him to stop calling. It was creepy

Talking in Generalizations Today

Let's not get to tied up in being 100% accurate today? What I mean by this is most stalking situations are men stalking women. In some cases it's men who are creepy. In many cases it's the women who are being too polite. Men are from Marz and Women are from Venus is not entirely accurate. There are always exceptions to the rule. Today, let's generalize and be OK with it.

Dr. Steve Albrecht

Dr. Steve Albrecht has worked with the San Diego police for years where he spent six years in the Domestic Violence Unit, and he handled over 1,500 cases. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in high-risk HR issues. he has authored many books on the subject of work place violence. Check out  Dr. Steve Albrecht's Books and Amazon.com

The bad news about the Internet is when you put information out there, it's out there (pretty much forever). If you don't want naked pictures of yourself (celebrities) on the Internet, then don't post them. For me, I have a Facebook profile for my podcast, and one for my family and fiends. I share different items with different profiles.

Some questions we answer:

When is sharing personal information too much information?

What should I do if someone is crossing the line?

When do you get the police involved?

All I said was I liked her Steaks…

It was the first day of a new job. My boss introduced me to Angie Salsbury. I said, “I like your steaks” (making a silly joke). The next day I was told I would have to apologize. At first, I thought my boss was joking, but he wasn't. So I walked over and stated I didn't mean to disrespect her and moved on. She actually was a great person, but I had no idea where she drew her line and I crossed it.

The bottom line is (Gentlemen if I can have your attention please), we don't know where the ladies draw the line. I've worked with women who said things that were so over the top sexually explicit that it would make a prostitute blush. We all have our limits. The bottom line is we have to respect each other's boundaries.

Don't Be Polite

Ladies, I love that you are so loving an caring. This is not one of those times when you need to worry about hurting someone's feelings. You don't have to be mean and call names, but you need to say in clear and precise words that you do not want any further interaction with this person. Do not leave any room for doubts.

Don't Let This Episode Stop You From Starting A Podcast

There are weird and creepy people who need help every day. You stand next to them at the grocery checkout. You sit next to them at the movies. This is not a huge problem in podcasting, but as more women get into podcasting I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. I wanted to let you know what to do, and how to act, and who to call if you think you might be having an issue.

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