What Happens To Your Podcast When You Die?

This weekend was the 20th anniversary of 911 in the United States. I recently had a slight health scare, so I brought on a friend of the show Gordon Firemark to answer the question, “What happens to your podcast if you die.” We also get the last report from Glenn Hebert as he winds up his tour to meet his audience. I also am trying something new with my book Profit From Your Podcast.

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What Happens After You Publish Your First Episode

Today I talk about School of Podcasting student Mark Hasara who has a great background as a speaker, author and pilot but was still nervous to release his first episode.

When he released it he was amazed at how many downloads he received. We mention “The Feed” from Libsyn which shares industry stats. Currently, 50% of podcasters get less than 131 downloads per episode, and 50% get more.

What Happens to Your Podcast if You Die?

I talk with Gordon Firemark about what happens to your podcast if you die. While we all plan to be around much longer, taking the time to designate what happens to your show if you are no longer able to continue (or if you're dead). This is an awkward conversation to have with people, but you should be planning your estate as well, so don't forget your podcast (and dog) when you create directions on what to do with your show.

You might check out the book, “I'm dead, now what?” on Amazon

For more information about Gordon see thepodcastlawyer.com

Glenn's Reflections on His Tour

Glenn “The Geek” Hebert is from the Horse Radio Network. He went on a five-week tour with thousands of miles across the east coast to meet his listeners and sponsors.

He loved his Zoom Podtrack P4, and thought staying three days in one place was the best. Next tour he will also plan some time to site see (as they didn't do any). He said that even though traveling in an RV is different, after some time you just get used to it (and it beats hotels, or staying in the listener's homes).

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00:00  Intro
01:48  Pushing Past Your Fears
05:36  Mark's First Episode
06:07  How Many Downloads is Considered Good?
09:37  Sponsor: Novel Marketing
11:39  Sad News About Trever Hill
12:54  What Happens To Your Podcast When You Die?
25:40  Glenn the Geek Final Tour Update
32:49  Others are Going on Tour
34:22  Questions of the Month
35:55  Personalized Version of Profit From Your Podcast
36:54  The Importance of Editing
39:50  Bloopers

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