What Inspires People To Tell a Friend?

Today is a “Question of the Month” episode where we share something we recommended and WHY.

We look at the strategy of dripping content to keep people wanting to know what happens next ( the Zeigarnik effect ).

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Matt from The Author Inside You

Scott from What Was That Like?

Jennifer Bourbon Barrel Podcasting

Timothy from Podwrecked and Create Art Podcast

Haley from Adoptees On

Jerry from Beyond the Rut

Mark from the History of North America

Wayne from the Packer's Fan Podcast, and Media Voice Overs.

Fred from Grump Old Bears


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Dumb People With Terrible Ideas

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01:34  Autographed Copies of Profit From Your Podcat
02:10  The Show I Love to Hate
03:21  Zeigarnik effect
05:01  What Makes a Good Podcast?
06:39  What Happens Next?
07:48  Example of Dripping Content
09:11  Sponsor: Novel Marketing Marketing Podcast
13:19  Scott Johnson
15:54  Jennifer Longworth
17:15  Matt Rafferty
18:21  Timothy Kimo Brien
20:39  Haley Radke
23:09  Jerry Dugen
24:56  Mark Vinet
26:02  Wayne Henderson
27:13  Fred Castenada
28:35  Dave Jackson
33:10  October Question of the Month
38:20  Quick Wrap Up
39:08  Mastering Your Craft is a Goal
39:44  Libsyn Promo Code sopfree
40:38  Coming Soon

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