Welcome to another enlightening episode of the School of Podcasting, where your host, Dave Jackson, invites you on a deep dive into the exciting world of Podcasting 2.0. Join us as we explore the dramatic shift from traditional podcast monetization to earning directly through satoshis, capturing the real impact of this new revenue model with personal stories of enhanced earnings.

This episode is a must-listen for all podcast enthusiasts and creators seeking to keep up with the latest trends and features reshaping the podcasting landscape. From Dave's analysis of Google shifting from Google Podcasting to YouTube Music and the quest for the ultimate podcasting app, to a candid review of options like Podorama, Podcast Guru, and truefans.fm, you’ll get an insider's perspective on navigating the changing podcasting ecosystem.

There is a website to help at podcasting2.org, but first we need to know where to start when it comes to explaining why you should be involved.

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Ethan at https://dailysportshistory.com/ 

Ralph from https://www.askralphpodcast.com 

Zo from https://www.backlookcinema.com 

York from https://www.welcometoearthstories.com 

Brandon from https://brandonreads.github.io

Get Started With Podcasting 2.0

Podcast Hosts That are Aggressively Adding 2.0 Features






00:00:00 – From Here to There
00:01:18 – Opening
00:02:01 – Podcasting 2.0 Initiative
00:04:32 – Ethan Resse
00:06:11 – Ralph Estep Jr.
00:07:24 – Zo Richardson
00:09:54 – Brandon Brinkley
00:14:02 – York
00:18:03 – Join the School of Podcasting
00:19:03 – Podcast Launch Checklist
00:19:20 – Understanding Podcasting 2.0
00:20:04 – Podroll
00:20:55 – Transcripts
00:21:08 – Value Options
00:28:13 – Programmatic Ads Vs Value For Value
00:32:45 – Cross App Comments
00:33:41 – Why Not? It's Free!
00:34:17 – Stats, Stats, and Stats
00:35:02 – Why Does This Exist?
00:36:52 – Total Money Received So Far
00:38:13 – My App Criteria
00:42:18 – Podurama
00:43:35 – Podcast Guru
00:44:43 – True Fans.fm
00:46:21 – Honorable Mentions
00:48:00 – Remove These Buttons
00:48:30 – Question of the Month
00:49:35 – Live Appearances
00:50:06 – Contact Support To Let them Know What You Want
00:52:40 – Podcasting 2.0 Website
00:53:34 – See You At Podcast Movement Evolutions
00:53:53 – Future Interviews
00:55:32 – Follow the Show
00:55:35 – Join the School of Podcasting

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This is episode 924

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About the Author
Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
1 comment on “What is Podcasting 2.0? Transforming Listener Engagement and Earnings
  1. Can I go on a bit of a power rant here, Dave?

    I really wish the people who’ve been down on Podcasting 2.0 because an aspect of it is associated with Bitcoin, would spend just a few moments disentangling themselves from the mainstream propaganda.

    Sure, Bitcoin uses energy to secure itself. It’s actually quite a bit of energy. But, so doesn’t the US Dollar (USD). Bitcoin is based on a Proof or Work (PoW) model, which is the very reason you can trust it. If it weren’t, it could be gamed, scammed, inflated, etc. This is why Bitcoin is the world’s first completely sound money. (Closest thing previously was the gold standard.)

    The USD is also secured by a PoW mechanism, but more like Proof of War. I wonder how much energy the USA military utilizes? And, how much energy are all the lives that must be expended around the world to keep the value of the USD propped up? That isn’t even getting into how fiat currency (& Keynesian economics) is designed to slowly (ie. 2% inflation) rob all of us, and transfer the wealth out of what we’ve earned to the elite (cf. Cantillion effect).

    Yes, Bitcoin uses energy, but that use is well worth it. Not only could we be operating on a sound monetary system, but the impact on nearly everything else money touches would be profound. This includes everything from our food supply to war around globe (as previously mentioned). And, because of how Bitcoin mining works, miners are incentivized to seek out the cheapest sources of energy. Many have been seeking out otherwise wasted sources of energy, or helping balance the grid as renewables come online.

    But, what is especially ironic, is how many of the Bitcoin haters, seem to love AI. I was just listening to a podcast the other day, where an infrastructure guy was talking about the big players struggling to grow AI, because existing data centers aren’t equipped to pull in/cool the energy usage AI machines are demanding. Is it worth using energy for AI, but not Bitcoin? How about we just make more energy!

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