Today I ask a very hard question: What is your favorite podcast. If you could only choose ONE. What would it be, and why. We hear how companies are getting more leads from their podcast (good, solid leads), and we get some updates from Stitcher, Mixlr, music licensing and more.

Because of My Podcast We Are Getting 5 to 10 More Leads… [1:45]

Jim Collison of who does work for Gallup explains how his company is getting 5 to 10 more leads per episode when they produce a show (they are also getting 500 people LIVE to listen). You find it at

What Is Your Favorite Podcast? (And you can only chose one) [5:22]

If you were on a island by yourself and you could only subscribe to ONE podcast (no “ties”) what is your favorite podcast? Let me know and we will reveal the results in December. So let me know

The name of the podcast

What is it about

Where can I find it?

Why is it your favorite podcast?

Be sure to lets us know who you are and if you have a podcast where we can find you.

If you want to tell us which podcasts “were in the running” that's fine, but we only the details from the ONE podcast (it's harder than you think).

International Association of Internet Broadcasting Spotlight [14:00]

I was interviewed on the IAIB Network Spotlight show and I was talking about the early days of podcasting, how to make money with your podcast, different microphones, and the future of podcasting. You can find that at many other shows at

Stitcher News [17:55]

Stitcher is now the #1 platform on the Android platform and on iOs (second to Apple's podcasts app).

They have 12 million people using their app and over 20,000 shows to listen to on their platform.

They now have the ability to stream or “Save for later” option.

They have plugins for chrome and for firefox so you can control your player from your browser.

You can promote single episodes now by clicking on the “promote” button and then send links to episodes, or put a player on your website.

Podcast Charts and Awards

I've had a podcast directory and I've had a podcast that involved voting and was AMAZED and how hard people worked to cheat a system (when there wasn't even a pay off). If you are interested in starting any kind of websites that has voting and isn't hackable. If you want to create a new “podcast award” please let me know.

Top Podcasts

Michael was amazed that so many of the very top podcasts started off asking for money. It turns out that podcasts that achieve a certain level of success will not be able to use the same account type as an independent podcaster (both and have items in their terms of service).

Your Podcast Questions Answered: [26:12]

How To Turn Show Notes into a PDF?

Andrew from Asked how you turn show notes into a PDF. I am using microsoft word, but you can also use a Google Doc and then save it (download it ) as a pdf. I've also used in the past.

Update on Licensing Music in Your Podcast [30:10]

I explain how I've been offered a contract to play ONE Song as my theme song, but they want .05 per download (about 60 dollars per show).

Why Not Use a Lavalier Microphone All The Time [34:24]

Last week we mentioned a new lavalier microphone that sounded very clear. So why not use those all the time (especially for video). For me, I do very little video so I'm more interested in sounding better than looking better. Even when I'm on the Podcaster's Roundtable Podcast, I use my typical microphone (even though it takes up part of the video screen). I would bet that we get more downloads of the audio file than we do the video. Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone is the microphone I mentioned.

Mixlr Beta Review [40:10]

I've been playing with and their new beta software. Keep in mind this is BETA software. I love the fact that you can now mix in more than one input (so the software acts as a “mixer”). You can also load sounds/songs to play. It looks pretty cool.

The one thing that needs fixed is the lights that represent the levels have no color so you have no idea when you are close to peaking. I like this service better then at the moment as I keep having issues with

Keep in mind I DO NOT RECOMMEND podcasting LIVE when you first start out. If you've been podcasting for six months, then you might want to consider it. Realize that a very, very small percentage of your audience will actually consume your episode live.

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

About the Author
Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
6 comments on “What Is Your Absolute Favorite Podcast?
  1. Uwe Trenkner says:

    The name of the podcast
    Rather new (20 shows so far) but this weekly podcast has quickly become my favourite: The Energy Gang Podcast!

    What is it about
    The typically 40-45 minutes shows are about (renewable) energy, energy efficiency and some related greentech topics.

    Where can I find it?
    The media files seem to be hosted at:

    Why is it your favorite podcast?
    The “Energy Gang” is actually three experts (two men, one women) talking about a number of current energy topics. The topics are typically highly interesting to me. Each one in the “Gang” has a somewhat different view and expertise to share; and all of them are very good communicators. At the end of the show, each of them is asked to tell the listeners something new, that they did not know before. This is where the three come up with something particularly noteworthy from the last week(s) and explains why s/he finds it important, interesting or remarkable – a very good way to end each show. The Energy Gang Podcast is published by Greentech Media, is technically well done, and is a real pleasure to listen to.

  2. Terry McKenna says:

    Hardcore History by Dan Carlin is my favorite podcast. I love history and Dan presents the material in a very engaging and entertaining way. The episodes are generally over three hours long and Dan holds your attention the whole time. He does not put episodes out consistently, but his fans flock to it when something comes out. The reason he cannot put consistent episodes out is because of the amount of prep he puts into each episode.

  3. Favorite podcast – Mixergy
    What is it about – Andrew Warner interviews entrepreneurs – primarily tech startups – about their successes, their failures, tactics and strategies that helped them grow their business. Andrew’s interviews are stellar – he goes well beyond the typical interview and talking points that most entrepreneurs spout. He really digs into what keeps entrepreneurs going when their first, second, or third idea fails, how they recover, and eventually succeed. Whenever I’m talking to startups, I always recommend that they listen to every episode of Mixergy. Andrew’s archive is accessible via a premium membership, but well worth it.
    Audio feed in iTunes:
    Video feed in iTunes:

    I have a podcast myself, but it’s completely unrelated to Mixergy. My podcast is The Reading & Writing podcast – I have interviewed more than 140 writers and novelists about their latest novels, how they first got published, their writing process, and favorite authors and books.

  4. Sally says:


    I have been listening to your podcast for over 7 to 8 months. Although, I don’t have a podcast (just yet), your podcast keeps inspiring on various things. Its very unique and you’re funny – well you bring good content. I have not caught up the last 3 episodes yet, but have them and waiting to get to them.

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    Keep continuing to do the great work.


  5. Thanks Sally. Let me know how I can help.


  6. Bev Bell says:

    Really interesting read, I’m appreciative of you taking the time to paste it up, I’m also pleased to be able to share my views on and am looking forward to returning to read what other people have to share.

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