The excitement of starting a podcast can really fuel podcasters. You stats to start to grow, but eventually, they may level off. What keeps you going when your podcast isn't growing? What fuels your podcast motivation?

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Because of My Podcast: Fred Castaneda

Check out Fred's shows Podcast Reporter

The Struggling Biz show

March 29th is the National Day for Vietnam Veterans. Thanks for your service Fred!

Book Launch Secrets Webinar April 5th

April 5th I'll be co-hosting a Book Launch Secrets Webinar. If you've ever thought of writing a book, sign up for this webinar (so you can get the replay). See or check out the Book Launch Blueprint Course

Thanks to Those Who Participated in This Month's Question

Kyle – The Intergalactic BoomBox – podcasting 2.0

Mark – History of North America – love of topic – working with son

Colby – The Guardians Ghost Podcast going solo, passion

Heather – Watching Netflix Without You  and the Politics free Podcast enjoys time with brother, serving audience to get into a better mood, feedback

Dan – Coffee and Space  – Loves having conversations

Scott – What Was That Like? – Zoom out and see your growth

Timothy – Create Art Podcast  and Find a Podcast About – is leaving a legacy

Matt – Rogue Retirement Lounge –  Loves the podcast 

Brandon – Start 100K Podcast   Feels his information is needed and doesn’t want people to feel stupid. 

Things to Help with Podcast Motivation

Memorize a Positive Review

We all can recite the 1-star review we got about our show, but we can't remember a single positive review. I recently got a review in Apple Podcasts from Herodotus484 who said, “I've listened to all the podcasts geared towards podcasters & podcasting and this show is the best by far. Quality content, great pacing, and genial host make it time well spent every week. Bravo Dave!” (I was notified about this from My Podcast Reviews). I should mesmerize this and the next time I feel down, recite it.

For Those Who Don't Have Enough Time, Here Are Some Tips:

  • More planning leads to less editing.
  • Create Shorter Episodes
  • Find More Sources For Content

What Keeps Me Going

Next month (April 4th) I will celebrate 17 years in podcasting. When I first started, I said, “I think podcasting will change the world.” As an educator, I saw the tremendous opportunity for communication and learning from each other. Sadly, while the opportunity to communicate is still there, these days I don't feel like people are interested in seeing another point of view. If I don't think like you (or vice versa) then the current culture ignores each other, or worse tries to cancel each other in a cage match to the death of recreational outrage.

Much like Tim, I see this as a longshot of immortality (which I realize makes me sound a bit ego-heavy). I spent myself in bankruptcy trying to have children and failed. I have great-nieces and nephews that I love dearly, but I dreamed of being a father growing up. As that boat has sailed, helping aspiring storytellers, entrepreneurs, educators, and entertainers launch their podcast into the world, is how I attempt to fill the dream of seeing something grow and flourish on their own.

When I help someone launch a show and later receive a “Because of My Podcast” story that not only helped the podcaster, but the audience member, as a teacher, when your student achieves their goal that you helped them achieve, it feels wonderful.

Question for April

Listen to hear this month's question of the month and then leave your answer at www.schoolofpodcastingcom/question 

Where I Will Be

Utah Podcast Coalition April 21st
Podfest Multimedia Expo  May 26-29 Orlando

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