Today we talk about creating great content that people will share, and take a slightly deeper dive into the topic by looking at WTF by Marc Maron.

When I reverse engineered the content I consumed, I noticed that no matter if its a book, magazine, TV show, or movie, whatever I'm consuming:

Made me laugh

Made me cry

Made me think

Made groan

Educated me

Entertained me.

Ingredients in a Good Podcast

When I look at other elements that make a good podcast they:

Allow you to see the vulnerable side of the host or guest.

Have a  host with great listening skills.

Include “Behind the Scenes” information that you can get anyplace else.

Include great follow up questions that reflect what the listener would ask.

Know your audience.

Create a focus group of listeners who will provide honest feedback.

The courage to say things that will draw them closer to their target while separating them from some.

Make me wonder what is going to happen next?

Table of Contents for Episode 705

00:00:45.775 Boston Reflections
00:02:23.525 Because of My Podcast
00:07:29.325 If You Content Is Shunned By the Media
00:15:35.900 Question of the Month
00:16:09.500 What Made This Episode Good?
00:25:49.150 Being Vulnerable
00:29:20.175 Adding A Tease
00:29:59.475 Sharing Stories
00:31:16.225 What Was That Like?
00:32:50.800 Raw Emotion is Moving
00:34:43.875 A Great First Question
00:37:20.550 Technology Issues
00:38:28.850 Why Did They Leave it In?
00:39:17.700 Podcasting Boost Your Confidence
00:39:57.783 Great Follow Up Questions
00:40:49.291 Know Your Guest – Know The Show
00:44:33.712 Bloopers

Because Of My Podcast: Fred Castenada

Fred from the Podcast Reporter podcast heard about with a military background and podcast and reached out. Because Fred has a podcast they've connected and found out they both served in the 82nd airborne.

Question Of the Month

What do you feel is stopping you from starting your podcast?

What are you going to do differently this year and why?
I need the answers in by January 24th, 2020.

Go to to leave your answer.

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