We all know the podcasting space is an ever-changing space so I asked, What podcast strategies are you going to STOP doing in 2024 and will you be STARTING in 2024? The audience chimes in so we can all learn together.

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 Social Media as a Podcast Strategy is Falling Flat

It was interesting as the first response explained that they were not going to invest in social media, and then the second, third, and a new podcast I found echoed that statement. While it is an easy social practice that doesn't take much time to set up, it also apparently does a poor job of stopping the scroll and getting people to come listen to your show.

Do you have a reproducible strategy that delivers results? I'd love to have you on the show.

One strategy that seems to be working is to promote your show in the advertising space (on other shows). If you have a show that might have listeners who would want to start a podcast, contact me, I might want to advertise on your show.

Time Line and Participants

00:00:00 – What Are You Going to Do?

00:00:15 – Opening

00:00:51 – Recap on Emotions

00:01:56 – What Will You Start and Stop Doing in 2024?

00:02:51 – Kim Newlove https://www.thepharmacistsvoice.com/

00:06:09 – Gary Arndt https://everything-everywhere.com/

00:08:22 – Tyler Hespeler https://atravelpath.com

00:10:22 – Angie M Jordan https://www.angiemjordan.com/

00:11:16 – Julie South https://www.vetstaffpodcast.com/

00:13:24 – Inviting People To Your Newsletter https://podclick.me/sendfox (Aff)

00:14:40 – Kelvin the Deaf and Blind Potter https://www.deafblindpotter.com/

00:17:22 – Mark Vinet https://markvinet.com/podcast/index.html

00:17:56 – Affiliate Marketing Best Practices https://www.profitfromyourpodcast.com/book

00:19:59 – Rick Yuhas https://www.renewedmindsets.com/

00:21:26 – Ethan Resse https://www.dailysportshistory.com/

00:22:53 – Ralph V. Estep, Jr https://www.askralphpodcast.com

00:24:01 – School of Podcasting Affiliate Program

00:24:24 – Join the School of Podcasting  https://podclick.me/listener

00:25:25 – Your Podcast Website Show http://yourpodcastwebsite.com

00:25:40 – Allen C. Paul https://godandgigs.com/

00:28:08 – Andrea Gadsen

00:31:00 – Not Your Target Audience

00:33:40 – You CAN Press Record

00:34:08 – Put Your Name On Your Website

00:35:18 – Dave Jackson https://www.schoolofpodcasting.com

00:37:03 – Descript 101

00:38:20 – Youtube Updates and Verbage https://www.youtube.com/@davidjackson

00:42:16 – Do You Know Who I Am? (Instagram influencer)

00:43:45 – Question of the Month https://www.schoolofpodcasting.com/question

00:44:44 – Live Appearances https://www.schoolofpodcasting.com/where

00:45:16 – Giveaway Update

00:45:53 – Follow the Show https://www.schoolofpodcasting.com/subscribe

00:46:22 – Save With Coupon Listener https://www.schoolofpodcasitng.com/listener

00:46:54 – Bloopers

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