My last podcast spoke about identifying what makes your unique. You have something that allows you to talk about a subject using a persepctive, attitude, or delivery different than anybody else. That perspective is shaped by experience. That attitude is shaped by life and learning. That delivery is shaped by your confidence. You may be thinking about starting a podcast. You may be thinking that there are, “So many podcasts out there already, why should you add to the pile?” Well let's see what we can learn from other industries.

Because of My Podcast [1:50]

Crag from Mansion Ingles lives in spain and was recognized when he and his wife went on holiday. He explained that he helps people learn english, and someone recognized his voice from his podcast. Craig is helping people learn english. He's received tons of email and feedback, but nothing comes close to connecting one on one with a listener. When you get to meet someone, and they had a need, and you filled it, it's a great feeling.

Congrats to Mike Shell [4:33]

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Planning Your Podcast Class Start May 3 [5:46}

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Spotlight Podcast The Above Average Joe [6:30]

From their website: Each week we’ll meet together with our guest or your questions, right here or on the podcast and we’ll share lessons learned in life and business. You can continue to visit the website and I’ll provide resources that will assist you and help you maximize your excellence, help you save money and in some cases help you get free stuff. I will outline what you hear on the podcast in our show notes for your reference. Joe is using a great theme from Ink Themes (affiliate link).

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Podcast Review Show Clip [11:00]

In this clip you hear Marc from Monkey Radio and Erik K Johnson talk about shaping content. Be sure to ask:

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Podcasting Guru Scott Herzog – Inside the Studio of the Podcaster [13:45]

Last week we talked about embracing what you bring the the microphone. That you can bring an unique value and perspective. We talk about the many different ways you can look at a topic. Today we interview Scott Herzog about his new “Inside the Podcaster's Studio” show that will primarily focus on podcasting gear.

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What Your Podcast Can Learn From Churches and Chipotle [32:48]

Restaurants Still Open

The reason people open restaurants is because more people are using them. a 2009 study showed the industry expanded by .5 percent, consumer spending on restaurant dining rose 1 percent in the past year (source). Yes these are small percentages, but its a $632 BILLION dollar industry.  So while thousands of restaurants close every year (even though people are still eating, and in the US they are eating a LOT), people still open up new restaurants every year.

Most notably, nearly 1,000 new independently owned restaurants opened over the past year. (2112 Forbes article). The NPD study showed chains opened 1,888 restaurants in the same time period that indies added under 1,000.

How many different ways can you kill and cook a cow? I mean really? Throw a burger on a bun, slap some ketchup on it, isn't it the same thing as McBurger down the street? No it's not. This one is flame broiled. This one is square. This one has butter on the bun. They are all variations of the same thing. Aren't french fries just deep fried potatoes? Don't get me started (to me there is only ONE type of French fry and it comes in a red box with Golden Arches on it – there is no room for discussion on this).

Several years ago, researchers at Cornell University and Michigan State University conducted a study of restaurants in three local markets over a 10-year period. They concluded the following: After the first year 27% of restaurant startups failed; after three years, 50% of those restaurants were no longer in business; and after five years 60% had gone south. At the end of 10 years, 70% of the restaurants that had opened for business a decade before had failed. (source) Chef Rocco DiSpirito says that 90% restaurants close in their first year (this has been debunked)

Special thanks to Mike Howard of to making this point on the Ask the Podcast Coach Show

Chipotle – Take an Idea and Mix it with Integrity

What happens if you take the assembly line of Subway (one of the fastest growing chains), mix in some spicy protein, add a dash of conscience (as their pigs and chickens are raised on farms), and a FOCUSED menu? You get a restaurant called Chipotle. The one by my day job as people lining out the door at lunch time. The funny thing is, that line moves faster than the one at the burger joint (even counting the time to get out of your car).

What Podcasters Can Learn From Chipotle

Niche down: Their menu has a few items. You don't have to stare long to see what's available. Ordering is easy.

Consistent Content: They obviously have a well oiled machine behind the scenes. You see one person cooking, one person chopping, and three to four people up front scooping it up and giving it to you. No matter which location I go to, crispy chicken tacos taste the same. I can rely on them. I don't worry about wasting my lunch hour if I'm headed for a Chipotle restaurant.

They Get to the Point: There is no idle chit chat in line. When you get close enough to order, the person behind the counter asks, “What can I get you.? Then they ask about the toppings. They don't ask about me, and I don't care. I'm hungry. They are giving me what I need: food.

They Embrace Their Differences: Instead of looking at the competition and trying to be like them, they stood up for what they believed and pointed out that their pork and chicken is raised different. Now their brand means more than cheap, spicy, fast food, it is a statement. It ties in with a lifestyle. You wear a Chiptle shirt, weather you want to or not your clothes say “I care about treatment of animals.”

What Podcasters Can Learn From Ned Flanders

Think about Christianity. Every single church and every single Christian has the EXACT SAME “product.” (oh someone is going to get upset with this terminology, but bare with me). They are delivering the story of Jesus Christ. The majority of them say he was the son of God, born of a virgin, died on a cross, and rose from the dead three days later.

Q: Why do more and more churches open every year? 

A: Because man does not live by bread alone (source)

Q: Why Do So Many Churches Lose Their Members – Especially College Age?

A: Because of their delivery.Ned Flanders is a fictional character on the Simpsons. He is the uber Christian that more than likely would turn down a piece of Devil's Food Cake just because of the name. Then there is the Church “Well isn't that special” Lady from Saturday Night Live. She lived to walk around and remind people that they are all fornicators and that they were going to Hell. In the same way that most people that you say “Man you're in a bad mood today,” don't miraculously change into a good mood, telling people they're going to Hell doesn't seem to make them immediately repent.

Now I'm not saying we need to alter our story. Think of the movie Gone with the Wind. This story has been seen on the big screen as well as on VHS, DVD, and now Blu-ray. It's the same message, but different packaging.

The church I attend provides ear plugs for those who don't like their anthems to ROCK! We clap our hands. We have smoke machines (no joke) and cool lights. You know who loves our service? College Age Kids. 

Think about Christian Churches. They all have the same same message. Many follow the same format (announcements, prayer, music, offering, sermon, song, exit). So why do some churches flourish, and others fail. From my days of doing the Grow You Church Show, and researching church growth, I would say that in many cases it is the personality of the church. In almost all cases, growing churches find out what their communities needs are and they go into their community to help them solve it. If you're not familiar with Joel his church (the former Compaq Center/Arena) seats 16,000 people.

Joel Osteen – The Happy Jesus Man

Let's look at Joel Osteen (or as I call him “Happy Jesus Man”). He opens his sermons with a joke. A joke? Yes, he tells a joke. People laugh in church. Really? It's true. Then he has them hold up their bible and state how they believe it to be true (this sets the stage – people know what they are going to get).

Joel Osteen Niches Down:There are all sort of stories in the bible where God's wrath is shown. There are all sorts of verses about Satan, and Hell. Joel got to know his community, and found them to be poor in spirit. They lack self esteem. They may lack skills on getting along with their family. Joel talks a lot about how God's Favor is waiting to be poured out on you.

Joel uses a different delivery. Same story – different delivery.

Is it working? His “Church” meets in an old Arena used by an NBA team. I think it's safe to say it is.

I'm not hear to argue if Joel Osteen is a good pastor, or to pick apart his choice of scriptures or his statements on same sex marriage. I'm just pointing out that he has the same story as every other church. His delivery, and his ability to influence have allowed to connect with an audience and allow him to grow his church and further his story.

Why Should You Start a Podcast?

According to National Household Travel Survey, US Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics 128.3 Million commute to work in the US. 75.7% commute alone. That means that is 97,123,100.00. That's just the US. Think about what that number is on a global platform. The Book of Lists shows Loneliness as the #8 fear among humans.

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