Edgy Podcast Reviews (a show that reviewed other podcasts) has (more than likely) “Podfaded” (gone of the air). The reason? According to one of the hosts, “It's just not fun anymore.” The great thing about podcasting is:

1. You choose to start a podcast.

2. You choose how long the podcast is, how often you should publish, etc.

3. You choose when you end the podcast. You are in control. unlike your job, or other things you don't like you can quit any time you want.

New Resource Podcast FAQ

I've had a version of this for members of the school of podcasting, but now I've started one for the general public. Want to know how to list your podcast in itunes? Equipment recommendations, troubleshoot your RSS feed? I have some of the most common questions listed there. You can view it at www.schoolofpodcasting.com/faq

Only Four Seats Left in Podcast Promo Swap

If you have a 30-60 promo for your podcast, sign up. You'll play other people's promos, and they will play yours. For more information (including a free report about how to record a podcast promo) check out www.podcastpromoswap.com

Make Editing Easy

Everyone messes up. You have words that just won't come out of your mouth the way they are supposed to, and now you have the job of editing those out. Some people will use a “clicker” usually used to train dogs. I prefer another method. When I make a mistake, I go silent for 5-10 seconds. This is very obvious when you look at the wave file of your audio (You can easily see where I left silence in this episode). Leave the silence, and move on. When you go back later you can easily see where the edit needs to be made.

Start Podcasting Today

Want to start a Podcast? Sign up today and learn how to podcast

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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