Members of the School of Podcasting have another discount to take advantage of from on their Podcaster Toolkit DVD. Members get 15% (25 bucks!) off using a coupon code found inside the members area (and yes you could sign up for a one day pass (5 bucks) get the coupon code and come out 20 bucks ahead of the game. The sales runs through mid July.

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Recommended Product Never Worry About Losing Your Voicemail Number due to lack of calls.

Johnathan Waltz had his podcast mentioned in a Blog about his powerscripting podcast ( ). Realize that your podcast could be mentioned by anyone and your audience could explode. This is why you need a host for your podcast that offers unlimited bandwidth. That way no matter how popular your podcast is, you NEVER have to worry about bandwidth. I suggest (the service I use for the SOP).

Vince from the B Movie Podcast ( ) answers the question “I'm sure glad I started podcasting because I enjoy talking about the thing I love which is B-movies and cult movies. I like sharing with and finding like minding people to talk to on the subject. I have met a lot of cool people by listening to similar Podcasts on the subject. I met two guys from the Mondo Movie podcast by interacting acting with there podcast. We went on a vacation to Europe in May and I got to meet them in London at a pub and talk for hours. How cool is that. It doesn't get much better than that.” –

People may be “mashing” your RSS feed in the future so be sure to keep announcing what your podcast is, where they can find more, and how to contact you. Podshow has channels, and Yahoo has Pipes ( ) These allow multiple RSS feeds to be combined into one.

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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