Where Will Your Podcast Take You in Five Years?

So many times we identify ourselves not by our values or beliefs but by what we DO. I'm a cashier, or I work in accounts payable, the warehouse. That may be what you DO, but it may not be who you are.

Podcasting allows you to reinvent who you are. To be your true self.

Today we talk with Scot McCarthy of the Moving Forward Leadership Podcast.

Scott joined the military when he was 18 and will be retiring soon, so he is using podcasting to reinvent himself and help establish himself in the space of leadership.

I love that Scott knows it's not easy to start a business and that why I brought him on. You need to dig the well BEFORE your thirsty. Scott doesn't have a month-week plan, he has a five YEAR plan. He constantly researching to work smarter, to better understand his audience (through Facebook groups), and hiring people for those things he needs help with. He's not talking into a phone set on speaker and looking for money to fall from heaven.

Can I Play Music in My Podcast?

When it comes to legal questions in the entertainment space there is one (and only one name) and that is Gordon Firemark

Gordon helps answer that question along with a new spin on that question. What if they perform the song live on my podcast (or for those older DJ's they did on your show) can I play that recording (it's a different recording than the one on the record).

What about fair use? Keep in mind that fair use is the defense you use when you go to court.

Check out Gordon's book, The Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer's Legal Survival Guide: An essential resource for content creators

For more information check out Gordon at thepodcastlawyer.com

Do We Need Your Guests Backstory?

Nobody asked about the Lone Ranger until after he saved the day. Read my full article on Medium

How Did You Find Your Co-Host?

This is the question of the month (due by April 23rd, 2021). Record your answer (and be sure to mention your podcast and website) on how you found your co-host. Go to schoolofpodcasting.com/question

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01:26 Question of the Month
02:13 Scott Mcarthy Introduction
03:05 Scott Needed Exposure
04:37 Changing From Hobby to Business
05:44 Scott's Phone started To Ring
06:43 Building Community
07:55 Managing a Facebook Group
09:17 Realistic Expectations
10:11 Reinvesting Into His Show
11:02 Be Ready to Be Flexible
11:55 Scott's ONE Episode You Should Hear
12:41 Always Learning, Always Moving Forward
17:30 Can I Play Mainstream Music Legally?
17:56 Mechanical Rights Holder?
18:14 The First Copyright
19:21 The Streaming Rights
20:25 A Derivative Work
20:53 There is No Podcast License
21:10 What if they perform a song live?
23:43 What if the artist IS the record label?
24:49 Spotify Take Downs
25:30 Gordon's Book
27:53 Military Spouses
29:55 Lessons from the Lone Ranger

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About the Author
Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
3 comments on “Where Will Your Podcast Take You in Five Years?
  1. Lee O. LaPuke says:

    Sorry Dave if I am the bearer of bad news but there was some digital artifacting occurring, mostly in the back part of ep. 769. Here are some time stamp examples.. 26:55, 27:19, 27:40, 27:54, 29:05 & 29:27, Just something you might want to look into especially before that guy over at the Podcast Rodeo Show decides to review this show and slams the audio quality!! He’ll probably say something like this guy Dave is using a blue Yeti wrong and it’s making his voice go all Cylonie!! Hope you had a great Easter weekend!!

  2. Lee,
    Thanks so much. Been having weird problems with my computer and was unaware those were making it into the recording.

  3. Lee,
    Thanks so much. Been having weird problems with my computer and was unaware those were making it into the recording. I fixed the file and will be replacing it.

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